Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's official!

We did it! We had a beautiful day on Saturday & are now husband & wife.

And I'm still excited about everything. It's my hope to add a lot more photos of several different events...but it all depends on Internet connections (& how long it takes me to download iTunes- YAY tommy & Dev, great gift).

Well, one of many. Probably the most humbling experience of getting married has been just how many people have sent their best wishes our way. So many people contributed to making our day perfect...so a thousand & one thank yous!!!

Here's out bridal party just after the exchanging of vows- aren't the outfits great?!


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The small things

Mutinondo Part II*smile*

One of my fave moments of the trip was watching this dung beetle (I'm calling it a dung beetle because it was rolling a ball of poop- not because I actually know that it's a dung beetle, so if I'm wrong- feel free to correct me)! I wish I would've taken a video; this beetle was a) truly acrobatic rolling the ball of dung along with his hind legs, and b) just like the little-engine-that-could. This guy never stopped pushing that poop, even if it was uphill & the dung rolled over top of him(her?) & back down the slope. Incredible.

I also forgot to put up the other beautiful finds: these stunning flowers, & the sunset we caught one evening (one photo starring Al).

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The trip to Mutinondo…

I must admit, I don’t really know where to start on this one. Adventure indeed. Ahem. I used to pride myself on being a good planner- be it at work or personally- I often had details planned down to the minute. Well, I think I’ve fallen off the boat…or the boat has completely capsized. When heading up to Northern province to hit this camp (Mutinondo) I thought I had everything in order. I’d printed off directions and re-confirmed with the lodge in ready-ness for the trip. After a late start from Lusaka- (because we were still negotiating for our new vehicle- but beautiful she is)!!!

I realized I had forgotten to bring the printed directions. I had not brought a phone number because they told me they only had a satellite phone…and well, let’s just say it got to be pretty dark on the road, & we were unsure how much further we had to go before we would find the camp…so Marty pulled out his Blackberry (neither Alvin nor myself had reception with our phones) & his lifeline- & called a friend back home. Can you imagine? It must have been around 22h30 in Zambia, pitch black and nothing but huts for miles around. So Marty’s friend booted up the Internet & found the webpage I had failed to bring along with us. Here’s the situation:

This is my best "begging-for-forgiveness" look

We managed to pull up to the camp at 00h30…woke up a guest who found a vacant chalet for us & found mattresses for Marty & Pat to sleep in the truck. Disaster. And ALL my bad*hahahah*. However when we woke to coffee & tea & met the owner we realized we'd found a gem of a spot; despite becoming the standing joke of the camp: “How exactly did you arrive here at 1 o’clock in the morning”? Thank goodness Marty & Pat are the best guests ever & we thoroughly enjoyed our time at the camp (& all of us agreed that we would love to visit the place again)! I have a lot of photos (as usual), but have tried to choose the ones that would be of most interest to my loyal readers*wink*.

Day 1: we set off on a trail of waterfalls:

It's mushroom season in Zambia (deeelicious), & I saw some of the biggest mushrooms in my life during this trip:

I also saw plenty of massive millipedes:-)

"Beer-o-clock" on the trail

A couple silly shots at the falls

Day 2: Searching for the ancient Rock Art (which we never found). But the miombo woodland & rocky hills were truly sights to savour.

Rather than continuing our journey up north for a few things I had planned, we decided to head back to Lusaka for New Year’s Eve (photos may come) & then have a day turn-around before heading off for safari; which ended up falling through because the lodge had a water problem. But again, Marty & Patricia proved great guests & we ended up puttering around Lusaka at a family braai, a reptile farm etc. Now they’re off in Livingstone while Al & I flit about trying to plan our wedding…thank goodness my folks arrive on Friday! I can’t wait to see them!!!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas blog...am I too late?

I like to update things chronologically...so here's the Christmas update though I know most people have already moved on to the new year*smile*. As per usual, Al & I spent Christmas Day at his Grandmother’s farm. It was a beautiful day (except for the heavy rains en route); we pulled over when the visibility was this bad.

But the rains have ensured lushness & green-ness (if that's a word) everywhere- even the venue looked more beautiful!

Here we are:
The group getting a bit silly after posing for an age

Bwembya did a great job braii-ing the meat, & Jackie & Mumbi were well into the Amarula by the time we arrived*smile*

Cousin Marty & his lovely gal Patricia showed up on Christmas day bearing gifts- HOLLA!

Pat even brought an early wedding gift from sweet Canj- I’m so spoilt! (And so happy). My next post will incorporate some of our adventure to Northern province, but this is all for the moment. Hope everyone has enjoyed the festivities! It’s rough to head back to work, isn’t it?