Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just a regular weekend that has had me smiling through Monday

I had a beautiful weekend though there’s nothing out of the ordinary to report. Saturday I didn’t have youth basketball league so I did a bit of shopping and gardening. I’ve been feeling so guilty about my nasturtiums…they’re not doing well. I finally managed to procure some manure & hope that my sad little nasturtiums will soon be flourishing over the edges of the planter.

I am rather chuffed at how beautiful the holly hocks are though…

Sunday was spent swimming- weeeeeeee! It was the first swim of the season & it felt glorious (despite the water being terribly cold). I was quite happy to discover a sauna in the changing rooms*hahah*. Here’s Kolo gearing up to jump into that tempting pool

…and Al post-swim.

What a beautiful day…even if I had a hard time responding to my alarm Monday morning*hahaha*

Monday, August 17, 2009

Celebration of a Life

Though Friday came & went without any ceremony, I feel I need to mark Chola’s memory somehow. Last year this time the girls from work & I headed to Chola’s hometown to be with her family on the one-year anniversary of her death. This weekend I had hoped that I would be able to go to the cemetery and put flowers on her tombstone but I realized I would never be able to find the grave. So here I am throwing words out into the universe to remember my beautiful colleague and friend. Whenever the work ladies get together, Chola’s name inevitably comes up. She never kept opinions to herself and had a hearty laugh that even the hallways miss. I’ve been trying to find photos of her but have realized that just as she was in life, she was in pictures- always in the background. She was an incredible support, always making things happen behind the scenes. She was deeply committed to her family and her two sons, and to her work. Chola was a wonderful person to have on my side, and I do miss her; not only on the anniversary of her death, but in passing moments that I wish I could have shared with her.

I don’t really know how to wrap this up except to say that Chola was never one to focus on the negative, so I will always celebrate the memory of her life and try to share the goodness that I learned from her.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Soul Food. Et cetera

I don't know if it's nostalgia or just time for homecookin', but I've gone through a week of making food that qualifies to me as "soul food". I made my dad's famous chicken noodle soup last week that wasn't quite as good as his, but scrumptious nonetheless. Then I had a craving for perogies- served with fried onions & bacon. Oh yeah, real low-cal; but divine! I did up a batch Sunday morning & we enjoyed every mouthful in the evening.

As for the et cetera...there are a couple of other food stories. My Pop got the giggles last night when I told him Kolo came over & prepared chicken gizzards & roast potatoes for lunch yesterday. It's certainly not my kind of soul food, but I enjoyed the meal all the same. Then (this is for you Tommy) a Norwegian friend who lived in Zambia for about a year & a half is in town for a short visit. Of course, she came bearing gifts...& a few yummy ones to boot! I was taken back to when my Gran used to live in Horizon Village in Edmonton; my brother & I used to eat "Bugles" at her place. My fave were the original flavour in a red box- I don't even know if you can find those snacks anymore? But I swear, the only place I've ever eaten them is at Gran's...so here comes Ingeborg with a Norwegian invention- chocolate covered bugles. Divine!! Al seems a bit undecided but I quite like the salty/sweet combination. Holla!!

BSA Teambuilding #2

Friday afternoon was designated to the Under 18 team...we got the boys together & did a series of team building activities (silly teamwork games that are supposed to build trust, communication skills etc etc- mostly we laughed our lungs out).

After the games we had a wee snacky and the guys got into some ball. It was a fun afternoon- especially since some of the boys are back from their boarding schools- trainings should be busy for the next month or so with the additional guys.

Yes...we mix this awful sugary drink in a bucket...& then share it- there's something awfully unhygienic about that, isn't there? Well, hey- can't always have it all, right?

A little bit of "books" (ok, I don't know how the spelling would actually be- but 'books'/ 'bookay' has become the slang term for scrimmage. I'm sure it actually has a root from some legitimate Nyanja term...I just wouldn't venture to guess which one!)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

August Long

I'm happy to report that I enjoyed a beautiful long weekend- the best news- the weather has changed! We're finally experiencing gorgeous weather again- I couldn't be happier (well, especially now that my cold is on the outs too).

On Saturday my dear friend Alison hosted a belated birthday party/ house warming party. Alvin & I were invited along with a couple of my dearest workmates; it was a beautiful afternoon. The guest list included people from all over the Continent & the menu was equally as colourful (so was the background music)*muhahaha*. Here are a couple shots of the day.

Alison & Miriam

Our beautiful hosts Alison, Gaby & Nandi

Happy couple

Ba Miriam, as always- the centre of attention

Alvin & I attended another birthday party on Sunday- it was Al's grandmother's 79th birthday- we had a gorgeous day out at the farm. I'm happy to show off a couple photos of the beautiful Grannies.
They opened the dance floor, priceless.

Chish & his baby girl (so cute)!

Gabbi manning the braai

And as usual the girls had to squeeze in some line-dancing...