Wednesday, August 05, 2009

August Long

I'm happy to report that I enjoyed a beautiful long weekend- the best news- the weather has changed! We're finally experiencing gorgeous weather again- I couldn't be happier (well, especially now that my cold is on the outs too).

On Saturday my dear friend Alison hosted a belated birthday party/ house warming party. Alvin & I were invited along with a couple of my dearest workmates; it was a beautiful afternoon. The guest list included people from all over the Continent & the menu was equally as colourful (so was the background music)*muhahaha*. Here are a couple shots of the day.

Alison & Miriam

Our beautiful hosts Alison, Gaby & Nandi

Happy couple

Ba Miriam, as always- the centre of attention

Alvin & I attended another birthday party on Sunday- it was Al's grandmother's 79th birthday- we had a gorgeous day out at the farm. I'm happy to show off a couple photos of the beautiful Grannies.
They opened the dance floor, priceless.

Chish & his baby girl (so cute)!

Gabbi manning the braai

And as usual the girls had to squeeze in some line-dancing...

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Holly Higgins said...

Is there anything better than a great long weekend??!! What an awesome birthday, 79, wow!

Still loving reading about your adventures... sending you lots of coming soon! xo