Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fairweather Jogger

I decided after a delicious brunch at the folks that it would be warm enough for a jog. Looked like we were sitting around 9 degrees on a beautiful Halloween day. Earlier in the week as I was wrapped up in jackets, scarves, a toque & sporting long johns I saw a slender young couple out running. First I was thinking "maybe we could do that"...and then there was a gust of wind & I realized that in all my layers I hadn't started sweating. Then I started thinking about how the cold air burns my nose & chest & tears stream down my face with a cold gust of win- running is definitely out. Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed my trot this afternoon. It felt glorious to stretch the legs, clear my head & think of my Mom as I noted the signature Alberta blue skies.

This is the first time in a very long time that I haven't had exercise plans plotted out weeks in advance, athletic goals set to achieve & a commitment to a team or exercise program; and I'm loving it! It felt wonderful to head out today but part of why it was so wonderful was because it was unplanned. I've decided to keep this up for a while. Alvin and I are still easing into our new routines & I have no desire to sign up for something that will start blocking my time. I can't help but think it's very unlike me but I'm savouring the change so I'll keep spontaneous exercise on my radar for now. There are a few things planned in the coming months: walking with friends, curling, yoga & trying out exercise DVDs from the library (the one I've currently got is hilarious). I am now looking forward to a soak in the tub with the latest Diana Gabaldon book*grin*.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Adjusted to Canadian Life

I laughed this morning after my 'good morning' conversation with Al.
"Babe- good news- it's zero degrees out there"
Oy yoy yoy it's going to be a LONG first winter back*giggling*

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A few stolen moments

Alvin's at the library studying away & I'm taking a few moments between the cleaning & the laundry. Today is Zambia's Independence Day so I'm jammin' to some Zed Beats care of YouTube & thought I should really try to get back into the habit of weekly posts.
Last weekend (that's how far behind I am) Alaina & Marc came over & I prepared a Zambian meal just for fun. I must shamefully admit that it was the first time Alvin & I have had nshima since we moved into our little apartment. Alaina & Marc were such good sports about eating with their hands, & I'm happy to report that Lain thought better of starting a food fight*grin*. I have to say (for those of you who've eaten nshima this will be shocking)- that Marc ate 3 lumps of's his first time ever eating it! Most of us start at 1 lump & work our way up to 2 after months of eating it daily*giggling*

The week before I'd busied myself with my dear old Gran who was tuckered out after making pies- I don't even remember the final count...over ten anyway. It was great to learn a few of her baking tricks this harvest season.

And today I decided to ride the bike down to my folks for storage throughout the winter:-( I felt so bad for the bike out on the balcony this morning...they are calling for the "s" word this week so I guess I better figure out the bus route. And a new plan for daily exercise- poop. Apart from hanging up the bike because of cold weather all is well*grin*

Ethel (my good-sister) posted a photo on Facebook of my niece- I made Alvin steal it so I could show her off- she's so cute! We miss her:-( We spoke to her grandmother today & she's probably not looking so cute at the minute because she's got chicken pox*ha ha ha* (I'm laughing because she's fine...)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

In betweener

I did mention that despite my lack of communication during my study craze- life did carry on. I wanted to post a few photos that we took on a beautiful walk out at Poundmaker/ River Lot 56. I dragged my parents out for a breath of fresh air & it sure was worth it- simply glorious.

We also received some very sad news from Zambia before I wrote my exams; we lost my good brother Kim. (I think good-brother sounds nicer than brother-in-law). Kim was sick for the last year, but it seemed like things were turning around for him & his family before we were leaving. We were so sad to hear that he passed away, and so sad that we couldn't grieve with the family. I have been reflecting on all my favourite "Kim" memories & am fortunate that both my folks & my brother & his wife met Kim so that we can remember him fondly. He was an important part of our lives- he was the MC at our wedding and a good friend to me before I ever really got to know the rest of Alvin's family. I have written about Kim on here before so I won't say too much; only that we'll miss him dearly and that I hope we'll still be a part of his wife & daughter's lives.
Here's Kim with his daughter Chisanga.

A not so flattering shot of these three brothers- Dale, Kim & Alvin- in March.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Resurfacing. Slowly

My exams are a memory (some better than others) and I will not worry about the results until they arrive. I had thought that I would be cartwheeling-back-flipping-happy to have it all over with but I guess I forgot how physically exhausting expending mental energy can be. When my head parts from my pillow I do feel fabulous though. My folks hosted the big Thanksgiving dinner on Friday night & Alvin & I are enjoying turkey sandwich leftovers- mmmm. Gran will be in town for the week so I'm looking forward to spending some time with her; we've got a date to make apple pies later today*grin*. Gloria (a dear old friend from Uni) & her hubby arrived from Vernon for a quick visit yesterday and it sure was lovely re-connecting with her.

For all my single friends- kindly note that my Pop has been appointed a commissioner of if you think you may have met that special someone- my Pop can marry you! He actually performed his first marriage earlier this month & thoroughly enjoyed the experience- let's see if we can drum up some more business for him, eh?!

I'm looking forward to posting up here more regularly that I'll have a lot more time on my hands to socialize, play, and re-acquaint myself will all things Canadian*grin*. Thanks again to all for your support these past weeks- & for welcoming me back into your social lives- Weeeee!

Monday, October 04, 2010

2 down 2 to go

Exams I mean. Wooty. Countdown's on.
Despite the fact that I've been very focused on exams for the past weeks life has carried on; I am looking forward to updating this blog when I resurface.
Thanks to all for the well-wishes & patience...looking forward to re-connecting with all soon soon.