Monday, January 31, 2011

Enjoying the final hours of my long weekend

My little apartment is gleaming after a thorough cleaning today. The Raptors are on the TV losing again*giggle*. I'm reading a lovely book recommended by my Pop that has encouraged me to stay inside & enjoy endless cups of tea in these cold temperatures (despite how inviting it looked to be outside today- clear Alberta blue skies & lots of sun). The book is Greg Mortenson's Three Cups of Tea. I've had about three pots of tea today.

My knitting needles are retired not too far away. Dev suggested that I could learn to knit by watching videos on YouTube (she's a very clever sister-in-law). I borrowed the knitting needles & some yarn from Dev a couple of weeks ago & finally took the time to try to figure it out today. What fun! And I wished for a slow-mo function on YouTube...but rewound the video numerous times. I've only learned one basic stitch...& will probably need some assistance to actually create a scarf (or something that basic) but at least I've started!

Running has taken the backseat over the weekend as the temperatures are down to the minus 30's- yipe. I'm hoping that temperatures above zero predicted for later in the week will let me get out again to enjoy the roads.

I guess it's back to work tomorrow morning...I better enjoy the last few hours with my feet up & a - guess what- cup of tea*grin*

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Snow-filled adventures

Can't get enough of the outdoor activities with warm temperatures & heaps of snow...
Jennifer, Krysta & I had a stellar hour on the skis out at Poundmaker on a gorgeous day. I'm already looking forward to the next outing...we convinced Alvin to come*grin*!

Alvin & I also celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. Thanks to all for the cards, emails, phone calls etc. We had a lovely weekend together & I'm still smiling in appreciation.

Friday, January 21, 2011

One for Francis (Rumi) Mwelwa

My former running partner sent me an email this week (former because he's still in Lusaka & I'm here). It was a lovely email; reminiscing about our time on the road- the stairs, the Olympic 10 km fun runs, and our epic half-marathon...

With the warm temperatures (hovering around zero degrees) I could wait no longer. I did something I thought I would never do- I ran in the snow. (Right about now my Pop is shaking his head in disbelief- I have been known to call people crazy who choose to run in these conditions). However, with the email from Rumi (best running partner ever) & after speaking to a couple of friends about the best ways to keep warm- I set off. I was so excited about this event that I carried my camera with me to show Rumi my new running conditions.
Here I am all geared up to hit the road

I stayed on cleared sidewalks for most of my run- but check how high the snow is- it's just crazy.

My homestretch was pretty rough though...

I have to say my first ever "snow" run felt incredible. My ankles felt liberated outside of their warm winter boots, I felt my leg muscles welcoming me back. My heart & lungs protested a bit on the steepest part of my incline homeward- but I kept it short & light. Today I'm less enamoured as I set out in temperatures a bit colder & one wrong turn took me into thigh deep snow*sigh*. But I trudged through with Rumi's words ringing in my ears: "Mwana, you're strong". And I do feel strong taking the time to be that little bit healthier. (I'm sure the longer days & significantly warmer temperatures have a little something to do with raising the spirits too)*grin*

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Enjoying the thaw

Dear friend Carly humoured me & Alvin this weekend. What? Go to the ice sculptures show when the temperatures are near minus 30 degrees Celsius? Talk about embracing life in the Great White North.

The event was quite beautiful despite the biting cold. Please forgive the photos tinged blue- a new camera is on the 2011 'must-buy' list. (I still believe something got melted with the colour it's freezing & not getting any better)*sigh*.

In true Sarah fashion- the slides were the highlight- you can really pick up a lot of speed on that ice! (Car got suckered in to doing that slide with both me & I said, she's a dear friend)*grin*

Monday, January 10, 2011

Annual update- good reads

I've been putting this post off because I've only been reading smut recently*grin*. I didn't read quite as many books as last year (last year I was at about 1 book/ week- this year grand total 44). Being competitive at heart I was disappointed at first...I even went to the "quick reads" section at the library- but nothing doing. I'll probably top 52 reads this year (at least at the rate I've started)*smile*.

Right, so the recommends. I have to say I read a lot of trash in 2011. I adore the Harry Potter books which I read all at the same time over last Christmas/ New Year's. A few other recommends include:

A sad but heart-breaking-ly beautiful book was Stephen Galloway's The Cellist of Sarajevo
- The Highest Tide was a delight to read. Jim Lynch did an amazing job of reminding me that there are so many things we should cherish in everyday life- oh the wonders of nature.
- I loved Colum McCann's Let the Great World Spin...but I don't really know how to describe it in a couple of lines because various stories are intertwined into one crazy event.
- The Help by Kathryn Stockett- a lovely tale of what I imagine life would have been like in the Southern USA

Thanks to many of you who wrote me your recommends; now that I have access to a library (& lots of time that used to be spent studying) I hope to check many off my "Never-ending must-read book list"*grin*. Send some ideas my way- I love books.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Canadians are Crazy

I can say that because I'm Canadian.

But how crazy is this: fireworks at 830p.m. on December 31st in St. Albert, AB? Temperature was minus 17 degrees Celsius. The event is scheduled earlier in the evening (as opposed to the Witching Hour) to be 'family friendly': so the little tykes can enjoy. Enjoy. You've got to be kidding me.

But what's that cliche: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em?
I just about fell over when my dear sister-in-law suggested watching the fireworks on New Year's Eve & then tobogganing (all activities would of course be occurring out-of-doors. In very cold weather). And there I go buying the "bright-green-luge-esque" sled for $9.99 at Superstore to prepare for the evening. I had so much fun that I'm beginning to think tobogganing for adults should only ever take place in the evenings. Ha ha ha.

It feels good to be settling back into my roots*grin*

PS. Christmas was great- this last photo is of Tom & Al on Boxing Day. It was so great to celebrate Christmas with my dear old Gran, folks, bro & Devo, as well as my Uncle & cousins who came up from Seattle (I even got to meet Fitzy's finance- Yay)! Alvin & I really did enjoy our first White Christmas together.
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