Monday, January 31, 2011

Enjoying the final hours of my long weekend

My little apartment is gleaming after a thorough cleaning today. The Raptors are on the TV losing again*giggle*. I'm reading a lovely book recommended by my Pop that has encouraged me to stay inside & enjoy endless cups of tea in these cold temperatures (despite how inviting it looked to be outside today- clear Alberta blue skies & lots of sun). The book is Greg Mortenson's Three Cups of Tea. I've had about three pots of tea today.

My knitting needles are retired not too far away. Dev suggested that I could learn to knit by watching videos on YouTube (she's a very clever sister-in-law). I borrowed the knitting needles & some yarn from Dev a couple of weeks ago & finally took the time to try to figure it out today. What fun! And I wished for a slow-mo function on YouTube...but rewound the video numerous times. I've only learned one basic stitch...& will probably need some assistance to actually create a scarf (or something that basic) but at least I've started!

Running has taken the backseat over the weekend as the temperatures are down to the minus 30's- yipe. I'm hoping that temperatures above zero predicted for later in the week will let me get out again to enjoy the roads.

I guess it's back to work tomorrow morning...I better enjoy the last few hours with my feet up & a - guess what- cup of tea*grin*

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