Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Thanks be...

Where would I be without technologically advanced friends? I kept thinking- how come nobody leaves comments on my blog? Without even asking the question, I got the answer. I've since attempted to alter my comment settings so that any of you can leave me a comment without having to become some bizarr-o blogger yourself!

I hope that means I'll hear from more of you?! So, try again to leave a comment- & if I find one...I guess I fixed the problem? If there are no comments, I'll assume that I am truly unloved & you make up stories about reading my blog!

Technology- you win some & you lose some.

Let me get back to staring at the sky, willing the storm clouds to retreat so that I can run a training session for my boys!! Wish me luck (that's for you Luke)...or perhaps I should bank on my good karma for a sunny afternoon??

Friday, January 26, 2007

I saw a monkey on my walk to work this morning!

It's really random; it's kind of like seeing a deer or coyote in West Edmonton. Funnier still were the couple of Zambians marveling under the tree- I'm telling you, wild animals generally do not set up camp in the Capital city of African countries.

I had an equally as random dream- I dreamt I was skiing- snow skiing! I've definitely been missing the mountains...but I didn't think it was that bad. I could have understood water skiing, but the snow really threw me for a loop.

Confession: Last week/weekend I managed to watch The Gods Must be Crazy parts I & II...& all I can think about is if it rains again this weekend- I'm going to watch parts III & IV! (Did anyone know there were FOUR parts? I think I've only ever seen the first two). Brilliant.

This week I also decided I would indulge in grapes. You know, the red seedless ones. They're pretty expensive in Zed, but I thought- let me sate this craving. Time & time again I'm shocked at how much better the fruit is here than in Canada...I ate a big bunch & didn't have one bad one!

Does life get better than this? Or am I truly too easy to please?! And it's Friday again- sa-weet!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Rained out!

All I wanted to do this weekend was swim...but the rains forbade me that luxury. It's been cool & overcast ALL weekend, but I must confess the rain proved to be the perfect excuse to stay indoors yesterday & enjoy tea, books, & movies!! So no complaining on this end!

There's a funny story I failed to report last week though. (Well, I think it's funny & several of you may disagree since the last entry I intentioned to be humorous inspired NO comments from anyone. Come on guys- I had grasshoppers jumping out of toilet paper rolls). Well, I'll post this one despite that truth.

I was taking the dreaded bus again the other morning. As the conductor (that's the name for the young guy on every bus who takes payments from the patrons, & announces all of the stops to allow everyone to move on & off the bus) leaned over to chat with me I was nearly knocked over by the smell of the local potent beer- Chibuku Shake Shake. (Shake shake is 'opaque' beer- made with maize meal & is severely fermented...the fumes are enough to set my head spinning)*grin*. I knew I was not going to be interested in ANYthing he was saying...but he said something to the driver in Nyanja that I didn't quite understand. He hops off the bus as we are stopped at a red light (or at the robots as Zambians say) & the driver is looking MAD, saying that the light is turning green right away. The driver starts accelerating & I turn round to find out what the conductor is doing. It turns out the Chibuku ran straight through him & he was taking a PEE in the DITCH of a very busy road.

The best bit- the driver took off, he did NOT pull over to wait for the inebriated conductor, but drove me safely to my destination! I was so chuffed!! No drunken conductor to irritate me, I would love to find that driver again just because he was so cool!!

Yup, my life is fairly exciting isn't it??!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Beautiful snippets

- Tuesday after work, just as the clouds were threatening a downpour, I donned my running gear & backpack & set off jogging to Breakthrough Sports Academy. I'm back at coaching & thrilled for the opportunities 2007 will bring. As I hit the pavement I was in absolute awe. The rain that had arrived (though thankfully not in torrents) was cooling the tarmac. There were gusts of fog swirling at my feet as I made my way to BSA. I wished so badly I had carried my camera, it was a stunning scene; the light playing on the rain between the green of the trees, and the visible heat rising out from the road. When I arrived at BSA, my hair wasn't even damp from the rain...it was an odd but breathtaking experience.

- I have had two candlelight dinners with my boyfriend this week. No, we are not hopeless romantics, but the power has been cut where I stay for over 12-hour periods. I'm livid...cold morning baths & legions of mosquitos buzzing through my mosquito netting all night. There buzzing is magnified because there is no electircal buzzing, but also because they are drawn to the only source of heat in the house- it's awful!

Now I'm just thrilled the sun is shining & I only work halfday fridays!!!!! Happy weekend- yours truly.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Photo heavy

Due to the demand for photographs of ME & my adventures (& my friends of course) during the festive season, I realize that I haven't told any good stories lately. (Yes, I use the word 'good' loosely). And I LOVED my brother's recent blog about being awarded employee of the week- Congrats! (Enjoy it, some organizations don't even KNOW their employees)...

Forewarning: this is embarassing. Especially for a Canadian. From Edmonton no less!

I was walking down the hall in the office, pulling my sweater tighter around my stomach & readjusting my scarf. The rainy days had brought me a chill. My boss caught up to me and said "It's amazing you know, we're in sub-Saharan Africa this time of year & the temperature is only 24 degrees celsius)." I sort of chuckle and sit down at my desk.

HOLD UP! Back home 24 degrees is shorts & tank top weather...perhaps I HAVE been here too long. NB*(But when the cold season comes round, it IS actually cold, & I got Canadian family to back that up- Thank you Marty & Carly)!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cute cousin...& Alvin getting the Braai started

Here are a few Christmas stragglers that I couldn't upload onto my last posting. I didn't take any photos on New Year's though we had a LOVELY pizza party! We enjoyed ringing in the New Year with good friends & yummy food...what better way? Happy 2007 to each of you! Now it's back to work...

HELLO EVERYBODY! (Just in case you forgot what I look like since it's been AGES since I've seen most of you who would bother to read this blog)!
Christmas 2006

I have to admit that I was quite nervous to attend Alvin's family gathering in Lusaka West- it was the first introduction to all of Alvin's family at one time. At least I had met most of his family in pieces before...

I quickly forgot any apprehension when I saw the familiar welcoming faces of Alvin's of cousins & siblings. Although these photos look nothing like celebrations back home I have to confess, often times, it felt like home. There was a big meal- everyone was put to work! The biggest difference was that the meat was braai'd (barbecued) & I didnt' get any oven-roasted turkey. (Turkeys were acutally banned this year in Zambia due to the threat of Avian Influenza). I was quick to forget the lack of turkey when the ladies put in the Dolly Parton/ Kenny Rogers Christmas cd. Yup, I grew up on that one mom...& I just had to giggle as the girls were singing all the words while we were peeling potatoes. How could I not feel at home?? Here are a few shots...a couple more to come soon.

Cousins...too cute!

Alvin & I on Christmas Eve. I LOVED Chisanga for wearing this "Oh Canada" shirt...though he said he hadn't even thought of it until I was so happy!!

The farm itself (before all the arrivals); the crew as we're just about ready to dig in!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Back Blog

Get it- back logged blogs? Forgive me, I have my father's sense of humour.*wicked smile* I'm hoping to update my blog today...so there MAY be a couple of posts today- if all goes well with computers*fingers crossed*

I had the most horrifying experience on the way to the bus station last Saturday (Dec 23rd). Since I had a 4-day weekend, but had agreed that we would spend Christmas Day with Alvin's family, we decided to sneak out of town for Saturday & return to Lusaka on Christmas Eve. There's a farm about 45km outside of Lusaka that we thought would prove a suitable 'holiday'. We donned our bags and walked to the bus station. Just as we were approaching the station, a RAT shimmied between my legs & over my left foot and bee-lined to the busy road. The rat seemed awfully confused, and was promptly hit by a truck. I was completely shocked, I have NEVER had a rat run ON me before, no less when I'm on the move?!?! In my confusion and horror, I looked down at my foot & found rat blood. Isn't that terrible? We concluded the rat was already injured and in a panic ran over me before meeting it's fate a couple of metres away.

I considered turning around and walking home, as I was convinced this must be a bad omen. I'm happy to admit that the farm was lovely (except for a strange 3-eared donkey). The farm was packed with families & proved to be just the breath of fresh air I needed. Here are a couple shots, just because I was excited about this little adventure! Next blog- Christmas.

A noisy peacock
That 3-eared donkey I mentioned
I LOVED these massive pigs amonst heaps of scrap metal!