Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good friends & Beautiful Weather

Someone, somewhere, once told me that you should consider yourself lucky if you have a couple of good friends throughout the course of your life. In this respect, I have been truly blessed; I have an amazing group of solid friends to surround myself with from many different corners of the world. Recently I went down to Calgary for work & was able to connect with good friends from my University days. And I couldn't help but think- how amazing to drop an email to people I haven't seen in years- and not miss a beat. (I am not exaggerating- Hol & I deduced that we had not met since 2004. Marty thought we'd seen each other as recently as 2009- which might be right)*smile*. This is what I find most amazing- of course we've grown and changed and gotten more grey hair- but the natural flow to the conversation (fueled by one single glass of wine) reminded me how dear these friends are.

I also wanted to post a couple of shots from my balcony this evening- the days are getting longer & we're getting some beautiful sunsets. We've had a glorious couple of days with knee deep snow (well, not so glorious for Alvin because he has to shovel it)*giggling*. But it is quite a sight- fresh white snow, Alberta blue skies and a brilliant sun all day today. It's important for me to take a couple of moments to be thankful.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where to Start?

I've had a number of thoughts on how to compose this post- here are some of my starts.

- The only way the weekend could have been any sweeter would have been if the Boston Celtics played better. What a dream to watch our favourite team play live. Kevin Garnett is amazing even on an off day. I was dying to see Rondo at his best- explosive, scoring, making crazy assists and being fired up about playing- I guess it was not to be. Ray Allen's text book quick release jump shot is something to be seen by any basketball fan- live & in person was indescribable. And Paul Pierce...what an athlete. I loved to see Doc Rivers in action (the head coach) even if it was only in frustration last Friday*smile*..

- When I think about how the weekend played out sometimes I want to start with what happened last. So, in reverse chronology - the Zambia National football team (the Chipolopolo) won the Africa Cup of Nations on Sunday for the first time ever. If that isn't sweet enough- I was able to watch the match with friends from Zambia...on a Toronto.

- My dear friend Jen knows that I have never been a Lakers fan and certainly not a Kobe fan...but how can I start to explain my excitement at being able to watch -live- one of the world's best athletes? And did he ever put on a show. The whole fourth quarter was watched on our feet- cheering, hooting, hollering & getting caught up in all the excitement of a buzzer-beater finish between the Lakers & the Raptors.

- All of the yoga instructors I've had over the years mention the importance of living in the 'now'. They always talk about listening to your body, staying focused while you're on your mat, and not worrying about the past or the future. I am so fortunate to have a partner who reminds me of that. I was fresh off a retirement course (yes, 30 & planning for retirement- seems a bit odd) when we first tossed around the idea of an NBA weekend trip. Rather than taking my little bonus & wrapping it up for the future in an RRSP- living in the 'now' took over. And there will be no regrets after such an amazing weekend. All I could think while we were in Toronto- doing what we love to do- i.e. watching basketball- was: "this is living".

When we weren't watching some of the best basketball players in the NBA we wandered all over Toronto and connected with some dear friends. (And I might add here that my family was very understanding that it was a basketball weekend- rest assured we will plan another basketball-filled weekend but take a few more days to make sure we can visit with family too).

The crew from Zambia

Kieran & his beautiful family.

Out & about in T.O.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Pride Gets the Last Laugh

Early in 2012 I've been committed to my goal of learning how to knit a toque (hat/ headsock...depending on where you're from). I've been working from the knitting book that Dev bought me for Christmas. I'm thrilled to be learning how to really knit- reading patterns & learning to change the colours of yarn. I know I know- it's always the small things with me. I began the project with a scarf to build up my confidence before starting in on the matching toque. I have proudly been sporting the scarf assuring all who see me that a beautiful toque is to follow shortly.

The first project of 2012 has been completed- details in attached slide show.