Monday, November 28, 2011

A Romantic View of my Canadian Heritage

A couple of weeks ago, during our short cold snap and snowy weather, I had stepped outside to go for a walk. I was well prepared for the cold in multiple layers, my homemade scarf, and a new puffy winter jacket. I smiled and thought how lovely it was to be so warm all wrapped up outside in the cold but refreshing air. And that got me thinking about how I survived so many years in Lusaka's hot (& sometimes steamy) temperatures. What a lovely little revelation- I enjoy both the cold and the hot. I let my mind wander down a fairly romantic ideal of why this might be...
"Ha" I thought to myself: I enjoy this cold climate from my Swiss German mother's side & love the heat from my Pop's Croatian side (you will understand this association if you've ever seen photos of the Dalmatian coast)*grin*.
The truth of the matter is that my mom's from Saskatoon, SK & my Pop is from Timmins, ON; I come by a love of hot summers & cold winters from good solid Canadian stock.

But then a couple days later I was reminded of how we Canadians love to explore our histories when my mom took me to the U of A's "Festival of Ideas". It was a lovely evening with renowned Canadian author Michael Ondaatje (& hosted by Marina Endicott). It has been a long time since I read one of his novels but I was so impressed with his readings & the engaging discussion that followed I'm keen to pick one up again. I'm always surprised when someone who has been so successful Internationally remains grounded, humble and downright enjoyable. I love finding inspiration in unexpected places.

Monday, November 14, 2011

My new earrings

I recently invested in new glasses (people have been hearing about this for years- I know...& I finally bought them). It's been a love-hate experience because the vision is amazing, but the comfort of the glasses has been trying. I think I'm finally satisfied with the below (only I was trying to show how they're blue on the inside & they look cool but you can't tell in this shot). There's a little bling on the arms as well but I didn't want to post the brand name all over the world (I know, lame- I wear them everyday).

Also featured in the photos are my new earrings (the inspiration for this post). I went shopping with my mom to Ten Thousand Villages- one of our favourite shops. She picked out some cards for herself & a pair of earrings for her sister. I picked up my usual tea and a cute pair of earrings. By the time I got home I decided I really loved the earrings that my mom had bought for her sister & told her they would match a recently purchased blouse just perfectly. Of course Mom handed them over & I am proudly wearing them above. (Allan, if you tell you mom I'll be disappointed but I really had to have them)*grin*. I do realize that I'm terribly spoiled but the worst case is that I have to go back to the shop & replace my Aunt's pair- right?

Here's a photo Alvin recently uploaded from our NY trip- I love it- it's so hokey.

Alvin's sister recently sent a photo of her beautiful baby Jasmine & our niece "baby Mutale" who's looking so grown up (we left Lusaka when she was about 8 months old, now she looks like such a little lady) - I couldn't resist posting because I miss them & think they're just the sweetest.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Snow Fever

Our first snowfall & I can't really explain why I'm so excited. I couldn't resist putting off the housework to take a couple snaps after the first snow. Everything looks so clean & fresh. As soon as I got back to the house I called Tom to talk about how soon we could skate...apparently they don't flood & open the outdoor rinks until December 15th. And there's certainly not enough snow for tobogganing or cross-country skiing...yet. Until then I'll enjoy what we've got - doesn't it look beautiful?