Tuesday, April 09, 2013


I guess it wasn't clear to all that I'm not writing anymore on this address but you can still find my latest ramblings on: http://smwila.wordpress.com/

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Plan B

I have started blogging @ a new address- please come visit me 
And thanks for your patience as I learn to maneuver in the new system. 

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Technical Difficulties

I've got a couple of stories to post but apparently gmail/blogger wants me to buy more storage space before they will allow more photos to be posted.
I have to make time to work around this...

Saturday, November 17, 2012


A four-day weekend allowed me to enjoy that balance: new home obligations, fun with hubby & friends, time for Sarah & checking off a few items on my 'to do' list.
A few photos of the highlights (much more interesting than me out for road runs in snow but mild temperatures &/or cleaning)*grin*.
These curtains were made by one of my parents' friends from fabric that was given to us from Alvin's mum. I adore the curtains & am so thrilled to be incorporating tones in our Canadian home from our time together in Zambia.

Over a few beers on Sunday night with friends (thanks to Sega for hosting that lovey function) Tom & Alvin set up a tobogganing date- what fun! Edgar was hilarious to watch- he pretty much pulled Dev down the hill on her sled as the pup focused on chasing whoever was flying down in front.

Canj & Jenny joined us as well- the weather was perfect for the season's first rip on the hills.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I got stuck

One of the things I have found interesting of late is the way people become so much more considerate during times of distress. There have been countless stories regarding communities pulling together in the Eastern USA after the devastating Hurricane Sandy & all the after effects.

On a much smaller scale with the crazy dumps of snow we've received there are countless stories at work and around town of 'good Samaritans  doing everything from helping dust hard-to-reach snow off cars, dig out snowed-in cars, pushing people out of ditches/ ruts, and people generally being a lot more understanding about being late/leaving early/ driving slowly*grin*.

I will admit that today I was the recipient of some generous people. But it wasn't my fault*ha ha ha*. I'm quite confident in my abilities to handle myself in the snowy conditions. I know I lived away for a while & missed about 7 consecutive winters...but my Pop had me out in all types of weather since the day I received my learners licence at 14 years of age. So on my very short commute home I noticed at a stop sign ahead of me...and of course on a hill...that a truck was stuck & had put on the reverse lights. I diligently stopped a ways back & allowed the truck to pull into the Tim Hortons' parking lot. Safely out of the way I took my foot off the brake & tried to start rolling up the hill; to my surprise I was stuck! Completely. One of the guys in the pick-up had come over to try to help push but nothing doing. My tires were spinning...rolling back didn't give me any more traction- oh dear.  Just as I start to sweat at the growing line-up behind me a big truck steams past, pulls over, & a young worker comes to my window & instructed me on how he was going to push me out. This man is my new hero. I've never seen anything like it. He stood by my front tire, gave a little shove & off I went through the Tim's parking lot & back to the main road.

As I drove past the intersection, sighing with relief simply to be moving again, I noticed that the line-up of cars that had built-up behind me was moving slowly- one vehicle at a time. The same two gentlemen were out pushing, shoving, huffing & getting people moving again. Could you imagine if everyday people took the time to be so nice, gracious and helpful?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Good old Snail Mail

The move into our new home has been fairly straightforward. There have been a couple "whoopsies", "wherever could I have put that", and minor adjustments to our new digs. For the most part when I'm out & about I smile thinking about how nice it is to have: a garage these snowy mornings, our very own space to invest in, a luxurious master bedroom. But there's been a little hiccough in receiving our snail mail. For the most part I've joined the masses with email, on-line payments, cell phones etc. I have though, kept a few areas for push backs (still no Facebook for me...but I do LinkedIn) - and I still love exchanging the occasional thoughtful cards via mail/post. And of course I have to support my brother the postie, right?

When we bought this place we didn't realize the mail isn't delivered to the door. A few days after move-in I called Canada Post to see about where we could collect our mail. I was assured that it would be no problem- a mere three days- for new keys to be delivered - noting that the 'superbox' is located conveniently just down the road. Sure enough, the keys are delivered (a few days late- but at the nearby post office). I was so excited I was nearly dancing down the street to the mailbox. Unfortunately the key didn't open the box. I tried a couple other compartments just to confirm I was aiming for the correct lock. I know I'm not good with locks so I called back-up (a very patient mother) to try out the keys as well. No dice.

On the phone with Canada Post on Saturday I was assured a new 'ticket' would be sent to the depot with high priority & that new keys should be available on Monday. I only get the call on Tuesday that the keys will be ready Wednesday. Snow storm= no keys Wednesday. Next day- 3 ladies trying first, to figure out how to spell my surname and second- why there are no keys. I was told I had already collected my keys.
Smoke is coming out of my ears as I get back on the phone with the depot. Unsure of what could possibly be wrong the gentlemen promises to call me at work today (Friday) with news. The keen agent called me back within 10 minutes to admit: "you have the right keys but the lock hasn't been changed".


The keen postal worker promised that he would personally take care of changing the lock for me on Friday. And you know what- he did! I need to call his supervisor & thank him/her for their one agent who took the time to listen to my problem & promptly solve it.

How's that for a happy Friday story?!*grin*

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Back to Work

My week off work flew by (as expected)- but not without getting a lot of work done around the new house & having some great visits with friends. Thanks to the many who made time to troop through our new home & visit.

The only real noticeable change is that our lovely tree had to come done because of a nasty fungus. We recruited the assistance of big strong men & made short work of the tree. I'm glad Alvin & I have the winter to decide which type of tree we'd like plant in it's stead.

Happy Guy Fawkes to those who will be celebrating on the 5th of November:-)