Saturday, November 17, 2012


A four-day weekend allowed me to enjoy that balance: new home obligations, fun with hubby & friends, time for Sarah & checking off a few items on my 'to do' list.
A few photos of the highlights (much more interesting than me out for road runs in snow but mild temperatures &/or cleaning)*grin*.
These curtains were made by one of my parents' friends from fabric that was given to us from Alvin's mum. I adore the curtains & am so thrilled to be incorporating tones in our Canadian home from our time together in Zambia.

Over a few beers on Sunday night with friends (thanks to Sega for hosting that lovey function) Tom & Alvin set up a tobogganing date- what fun! Edgar was hilarious to watch- he pretty much pulled Dev down the hill on her sled as the pup focused on chasing whoever was flying down in front.

Canj & Jenny joined us as well- the weather was perfect for the season's first rip on the hills.

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