Thursday, November 15, 2012

I got stuck

One of the things I have found interesting of late is the way people become so much more considerate during times of distress. There have been countless stories regarding communities pulling together in the Eastern USA after the devastating Hurricane Sandy & all the after effects.

On a much smaller scale with the crazy dumps of snow we've received there are countless stories at work and around town of 'good Samaritans  doing everything from helping dust hard-to-reach snow off cars, dig out snowed-in cars, pushing people out of ditches/ ruts, and people generally being a lot more understanding about being late/leaving early/ driving slowly*grin*.

I will admit that today I was the recipient of some generous people. But it wasn't my fault*ha ha ha*. I'm quite confident in my abilities to handle myself in the snowy conditions. I know I lived away for a while & missed about 7 consecutive winters...but my Pop had me out in all types of weather since the day I received my learners licence at 14 years of age. So on my very short commute home I noticed at a stop sign ahead of me...and of course on a hill...that a truck was stuck & had put on the reverse lights. I diligently stopped a ways back & allowed the truck to pull into the Tim Hortons' parking lot. Safely out of the way I took my foot off the brake & tried to start rolling up the hill; to my surprise I was stuck! Completely. One of the guys in the pick-up had come over to try to help push but nothing doing. My tires were spinning...rolling back didn't give me any more traction- oh dear.  Just as I start to sweat at the growing line-up behind me a big truck steams past, pulls over, & a young worker comes to my window & instructed me on how he was going to push me out. This man is my new hero. I've never seen anything like it. He stood by my front tire, gave a little shove & off I went through the Tim's parking lot & back to the main road.

As I drove past the intersection, sighing with relief simply to be moving again, I noticed that the line-up of cars that had built-up behind me was moving slowly- one vehicle at a time. The same two gentlemen were out pushing, shoving, huffing & getting people moving again. Could you imagine if everyday people took the time to be so nice, gracious and helpful?

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