Monday, November 30, 2009

How to start my Monday...

What better way to start a Monday than with homemade carrot cake & cream cheese icing for breakfast? I’ve set myself up for a brilliant week after pouting last week over these stupid cold sores (which are looking much better today I am happy to report).

I just have to say that I went out for a run Sunday morning & the digital sign at Addis round-a-bout read “08h08- 27 degrees Celsius”. It was almost enough knowledge to send me straight back home but I was motivated to tackle some stairs…and no rain. This is almost unheard of- usually this time of year when the temperatures reach the high 30s (someone told me it reached mid 40s on Saturday) we are guaranteed a good rain to cool things down. Ah well, I suspect the weather will change again very soon & we’ll get our rainy season. The clouds are rolling in as I write…

a) I am composing a blog about my 2009 reads so look out for that one,
b) It’s December tomorrow- I can hardly believe how fast 2009 has sped by, and
c) there's a big family wedding planned for Saturday- can’t wait to share photos!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What could be worse than a cold sore?

Any ideas?
How 'bout two cold sores on the same darn lip?! My bottom lip is decidedly swollen and I am highly irritable. How unfair.

If it gets really bad I'll take photos & post them- muhahaha.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Driving in Zambia

Could you imagine spending a night in police cells in the heart of Lusaka for running a red light on a Sunday evening? I’m sure glad my Pop got pulled over in broad daylight and was able to pay the fine on the spot with no questions asked…

22h00 last night, I’m about to jump into the tub when Alvin says “Dress up, we’re going for a ride”. Turns out our good friend had been arrested by the police and thrown into cells. We were asked to pick up her vehicle because she didn’t want the car to get vandalised overnight. Unfortunately for us (& her) it was too late to visit her to pick up the keys, and there was no one working who could accept the payment of the fine. All this for running a red light on a Sunday evening- if you can believe it.

I’m sorry- I think this is all utterly fantastic. If you’ve never driven in Zambia before, the road laws are merely a suggestion (unless you’re caught without a seat belt &/or speeding- right Pop?) Muhahah. Ok, but seriously- traffic cops generally work a 9am-5pm Monday to Saturday; which means a lot of people do terribly illegal things when they know the police will not be on the street. For example, on my early morning runs I will be accompanied by a great number of overloaded trucks (many that do not have brakes) that ferry farm vegetables into the markets for sale. These trucks are most obviously not roadworthy, which is why they transport goods in the early hours- when they are almost guaranteed no trouble from traffic police. There is also a serious problem with drinking and driving. Every weekend the accident rates must go through the roof. On my Saturday morning runs I have seen many a vehicle in the ditch with men sheepishly calling their wives to help bail them out. I actually detest being in cars at night because there are generally no street lights (it’s dark my friends- dark) and there are often recklessly drunk people behind the wheel (in fact, it is not uncommon to find taxi drivers with a bottle of Castle or Mosi between their legs- & that’s on any given day).

All that to say that I feel my friend’s arrest and mandatory night in cells is horrible; if the manpower is there to make an arrest, shouldn’t there also be a person who can accept the fine? I spoke to her this morning & she was giggling so I’m assuming that all is well & we’ll have good fuel for stories this week!

Oh the drama.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Baby Grace Mutale

At least somebody appreciates my early Christmas decorations*hahahah*

My niece came over for a visit on Saturday afternoon & was mesmerized by the Christmas lights, what a cutie.

Otherwise, the centre-piece Santa that I adore has been much ridiculed. My sister-in-law thought it was a mop at first & couldn't figure out why I should have it hanging up...and Kolo got the giggles as to how anyone would come up with a white, dread-bearded Santa. But I love it- I'm into the Christmas spirit early and it seems that the only supporters are baby Grace & Alaina*wink*

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A rain for Gran

I’ve been smiling since the rain started coming down last night- our first big storm of the rainy season. Lightning lit up the house & thunder rumbled so loud I jumped out of the tub lickety split. It was the kind of night my Gran taught me to savour. Happily- after more than two weeks in hospital- Gran has made it back to her little pad in Saskatoon & reports have it that she’s doing well. I’m enjoying the cool wet day for the both of us.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bad ponytail day

I know we’ve all had bad hair days, and my reliable solution is always to throw my hair back into a ponytail. Ponytails have unfailingly been my “go to” hairstyle for years. Until yesterday; it seemed that no amount of tugging, combing, begging, and straightening would make my ponytail look normal. I looked like a blonde sumo wrestler for the entire day- horrors!

But I have chalked up the minor hair crisis to the weather. Seemingly overnight the reliable dry heat (that I so adore) has evaporated into the sticky humid heat that I dread. (I have not forgotten my prairie upbringing)*grin*. The heat was nearly intolerable yesterday and then out of blue skies fell a light shower. Unfortunately, when there’s no heavy downpour the light rain tends to cause more heat- the water seems to rebound off the dry ground rising in a steamy mist. I contemplated skipping yoga when I was drenched in my own sweat during my 10 minute walk from work to class. I was dreading ‘hot yoga’ Zambian style- sorry cousin Fitzy, I just don’t see the joy of performing yoga tricks in a sauna. But off I went and I enjoyed class nonetheless.

And today is a new humid day and I’m beginning to wonder if rainy season is around the corner…