Monday, November 30, 2009

How to start my Monday...

What better way to start a Monday than with homemade carrot cake & cream cheese icing for breakfast? I’ve set myself up for a brilliant week after pouting last week over these stupid cold sores (which are looking much better today I am happy to report).

I just have to say that I went out for a run Sunday morning & the digital sign at Addis round-a-bout read “08h08- 27 degrees Celsius”. It was almost enough knowledge to send me straight back home but I was motivated to tackle some stairs…and no rain. This is almost unheard of- usually this time of year when the temperatures reach the high 30s (someone told me it reached mid 40s on Saturday) we are guaranteed a good rain to cool things down. Ah well, I suspect the weather will change again very soon & we’ll get our rainy season. The clouds are rolling in as I write…

a) I am composing a blog about my 2009 reads so look out for that one,
b) It’s December tomorrow- I can hardly believe how fast 2009 has sped by, and
c) there's a big family wedding planned for Saturday- can’t wait to share photos!

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