Monday, May 30, 2011

Looks like Summer

It doesn't feel like summer on these cool mornings...but it sure looks like summer's here.

I harvested my first rhubarb from Ma's garden & made the most scrumptious cake- I'm inspired to continue with the homemade hand-picked goods throughout the summer & harvest seasons.

And this is my beautiful balcony. Right now my flower pots are lined up to soak up the most sun, I'm not sure how I'll arrange them for aesthetics. It is lovely to be out there sipping on my tea (so long as my neighbour is not out there warming up his stupid motorbike for ever)*nasty smile*

I've got two habanero peppers in the first pot, a tomato in the middle, and some lavender in the pot against the wall. (and creeping jenny & a pansy)

Mint, nasturtium, and cilantro (my mini herb garden)

Here I've surrounded one of Pop's canna lilies (I know...doesn't look so good at the moment) with celosia- such a stiking flower and some portulaca (another one of my faves).

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nothing Like a Weekend in the Mountains

Here are some photos from my amazing Canmore weekend with my Mom.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Beautiful Way to Start my Day

My short walk from home to the bus depot is so enjoyable these spring mornings that I had to share- I have tried to capture the cacophony of birdsong I hear each day (and how fun is it to say 'cacophony'). Let me know if all those birds bring a smile to your face too*smile*

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

House-cleaning Hits

This is my call out- I need some help. I know many of us like to blast choice tunes while cleaning the house...this has been my hot tune of late:

Nothin' like going a little old school*grin*. Please send me your fave cleaning-rock-out-tunes so I can really rip it up on my next go round*grin*.

Oh how I savour the small things.

Apart from that I've been avoiding the blog for many reasons. I've gotten caught up in:

- the beautiful weather (spending lots of time out & about & not on the computer)*smile*
- catching up with Emily- Alvin & I met up with an Ontario-born-gal we know from Zambia. These smart folks attend conferences all over the world & connect with friends in their home towns. It was great to see her after our last visit in Toronto two years ago (time flies)!
- I'm hooked on the NBA play-offs (I've even placed bets with colleagues for a free lunch- oooh, the world of betting)
- there were the Canadian National elections with all it's surprises. I'm glad I got out to vote even if I'm not thrilled with the results.
- There have been a couple of minor world events that I've been swept up in: A royal wedding. The murder of bin Laden. We shall see what changes spiral out of all of these events (including the new Canadian Conservative majority government)...I'm half holding my breath for bad news but I'm not the best 'worrier' so I'll leave the cataclysmic predictions to others while I hope for the best.