Monday, May 30, 2011

Looks like Summer

It doesn't feel like summer on these cool mornings...but it sure looks like summer's here.

I harvested my first rhubarb from Ma's garden & made the most scrumptious cake- I'm inspired to continue with the homemade hand-picked goods throughout the summer & harvest seasons.

And this is my beautiful balcony. Right now my flower pots are lined up to soak up the most sun, I'm not sure how I'll arrange them for aesthetics. It is lovely to be out there sipping on my tea (so long as my neighbour is not out there warming up his stupid motorbike for ever)*nasty smile*

I've got two habanero peppers in the first pot, a tomato in the middle, and some lavender in the pot against the wall. (and creeping jenny & a pansy)

Mint, nasturtium, and cilantro (my mini herb garden)

Here I've surrounded one of Pop's canna lilies (I know...doesn't look so good at the moment) with celosia- such a stiking flower and some portulaca (another one of my faves).

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