Thursday, February 22, 2007


Last: Zambian term that could mean many things depending on the situation, tone, or level of sarcasm. I couldn't think up a better way to describe the current confusion in my heart, body & mind.

I have waited months to make this announcement, & now that is comes to my moment of glory, I feel a twinge of sadness. The great news is, that after a ridiculously long interview process, I have (out of over 350 applicants) been selected for a permanent position under the Aid Section at the Canadian High Commission in Lusaka. I've waited nearly one month for the paperwork to clear- and it is now official! My title will be 'administrative assistant', however I feel like a more appropriate title would be: "development tourism officer". First I'm thrilled- it's a great step for my professional development (working for CIDA will be great on my C.V, I'm working in my field of recreational management/ international development, I get to pursue French classes once again etc etc), & personally- I will be able to plan the next couple of years with my Zambian boyfriend. I have stability, benefits, & for the first time in my life I'm kissing contract life 'good-bye'.

However I know the decision weighs heavy in the hearts of my parents, family, my friends, & especially my grandmother. In my heart, despite the people I miss daily, I'm sure this is the right decision for me. I have thrown myself whole-heartedly into Lusaka life, & I'm in no way ready to leave here. I suppose I just need everyone to know that my door will always be open, now that I know I'll be here for a while. The 'permanent' job will also provide me with the opportunity to travel home...let's plan for summer 2007!

Please, continue to keep me in the loop of all of the weddings, new babies, & events that take place from wherever you are reading this. News from home always keeps me afloat on my bad days, & connected on my good days!

I feel like somehow this is a new beginning, & I'm so excited for the opportunities that will continue flowing in my direction.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Second Edition- Ladies Night in Lusaka

The only photo that turned out from the night...& also the only photo I didn't take!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Driving down Young Street on a Friday…

A bit of a random blog.

I was feeling so nostalgic the other day listening to some good ol’ K-OS Canadiana; and it reminded me of this young man’s impression of Canada. Let me set the context. I met Peter at the Sport for Social Change conference in Kenya. He is a part of MYSA’s ( “Shootback” program- therefore filming and photographing the conference events. He had been invited to Vancouver for the launch of this book he was a part of publishing. The only thing he said to me was “China town”. I immediately started laughing as I recalled that notorious East Hastings is next to Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Isn’t that awful- this kid was horrified by the drugs, homelessness & addiction he saw in Vancouver. This is a kid who comes from one of Nairobi’s biggest slums. And Nairobi is infamous for Africa’s slum-life.

How’s that for perspective. I love awakenings like that!!

The next story is non-sequitor…but I have to share! I had a great evening yesterday as I was set for a ‘working day’ with my basketball team. (We’ve had an incredibly slow start to the 2007 season as we actually do not have a court). The agreement has been that we must patch the court, extend from the concrete into the grass line (which involves slashing the grass & turning/ leveling the soil) manually. Of course, this is not really a project suitable for a respectable mzungu woman. I find myself- as the sun is setting and emblazoning the wispy clouds across the sky- with an enormous pick-axe in hand. My commitment to the team is not only as a figurehead. I had the boys (& several older coaches) beside themselves with laughter as I swung the heavy axe to uproot the stubborn grass at my feet. I was so chuffed with myself! It was like heavy-duty gardening that I have been missing so much! I managed a small patch and felt at least a part of all of the work that was going on around me. And as we have less than a month before our league starts…we really need to make ourselves a court- keep your fingers crossed for us! Wish I had my camera...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

First Edition: Ladies Night Out Lusaka

For anyone who knows will not be surprised to learn that I managed to get a group of gals together for out first "ladies night out". We hit up the ol' bowling lanes & had a blast. It's the first ladies night I've been to where there was NO alcohol, & no dancing!! Both absences have been requested to be top priorities for our next outing...which may be taking place this Friday- there may not be photos from that event*evil laugh*

Thought some of you might enjoy a couple photos of my life outside of basketball?!

Back row left to right: Namukolo, Vicky, Kupela, Inutu, Mildred
Front row left to right: ME, Leah, Sarah

Me with Mildred & Inutu!


I have to admit, I knew it was coming- but what a pain in the BUTT! While blogging recently I'd realized Google had started recommending opening a Gmail account so that I can continue blogging. So my lovely Gmail friends sent me invitations to sign up...all so that I can keep in touch with all of you floaters in cyber space. There's just no respect for those of us who don't live in North's been such a hassle. And the last thing I need is another bloody email account*giggling*

Now watch, I'll be blacklisted & so much for my blog life. Anyhoo- Happy Valentine's Day- here's me & my Valentine...yes, early this morning & I'm obviously not yet very coordinated!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Nai-robbery...aka Nairobi, Kenya

That's absence blogging was due to a trip to Nairobi. I was SO lucky to be able to attend a workshop regarding a Sports for Social Change Network, as a representative for Breakthrough Sports Academy ( know, all the photos you've seen of 'my' basketball boys).
The conference was great, however awfully intensive, so I never really had a chance to see Nairobi. But I was hanging out with some lovely young Kenyans & they referred to Nairobi as "Nai-robbery". Too appropriate as two women at the conference had their purses stolen. I, on the other hand, dropped my phone one evening without noticing. The next morning I came to the hotel begging for information (thinking there was no way I'd ever see the phone again), & lo & behold, the hotel staff returned it to me with NO airtime even missing*smile*. Wow, THAT was good karma!!
The hectic workshop put be back in touch with the International Sports for Development world, & I savoured every moment! I met some incredible people & feel all inspired once more. I'll attach photos when my camera gets returned to me & I have a moment to upload them.

I feel like there are a million stories I'm forgetting to report...I'll post them as I remember!
And thanks for all of the comments!!! Brilliant!

For now it's getting back into a routine. And drying out after getting caught in a serious rain storm...I love the weather in Lusaka!