Thursday, November 25, 2010

The first real freeze

Here are a couple photos of the first real cold weather we've dealt with.

This is the little pond behind our condo- it's so cute.

Here's Alvin on a cold day at school

The path en route to the bus stop- so pretty

I had a busy day baking/ cooking with Pop over the long weekend...cinnamon buns & perogies- fun fun.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Shorts, quick-dry t-shirt, shades, & flip flops

I laughed as I prepared myself to leave the house last week.

Shimmy into tights- the thick ones meant for winter wear. Trousers. Undershirt, sweater scarf. Boots, winter coat, mittens, 2nd scarf, toque &/or ear muffs. What did I forget today? I think I've got it covered. Deep breath & a pause before opening the door. The blast of cold air sends tears down my cheeks, nose hairs burning & as I quick step down the stairs- a brief coughing fit because my lungs don't know where the hot hot heat has gone. 2 minutes into my walk I cannot see though my glasses because they are completely fogged over. I hustle to the bus depot blind- tripping on hidden curbs & ice patches that have been covered over by a layer of snow dust.

I settle in for my short bus ride and remember what I've forgotten- Kleenex. Drat. My nose is pouring with the bus heat turned up to full blast. I think for a minute how I would prefer to dash out of the house in my shorts, ball cap & patapatas. Toes sweating & covered in dust rather than numb inside my boots. But today I've bought a pair of proper winter boots & have decided that since I'm here for the long haul & winter doesn't seem to be going anywhere- I might as well make the most of it. I plan to bundle up & get over this cold already. The forecast is also calling for temperatures above freezing by the end of the week- wooty!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I plum forgot

Hard to believe that a few years away can make one completely forget the joys of living in a deep freeze. I remembered- on Tuesday morning- just how awful it is to rip oneself from the warm bed when there's snow on the ground outside. Welcome to winter Sarah & Alvin. Oy oy.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

November stories

Hard to believe Guy Fawkes night has passed & we're on to Remembrance Day already...I've been meaning to post a couple of November stories that have had me and Alvin laughing.

Friday's dress- I was thinking of a former colleague who shared a love for "Friday's dresses" with me. For those of you unfamiliar with the term it is the dress that one slips on when all other clothes are dirty, un-ironed, or missing a matching piece (this can take place any day of the week...not just Friday's). It's the article of clothing that takes no forethought- there's no worrying about matching shoes or accessories because it's a standard slip-on outfit...and how I miss those summer dresses. Each day I wake up & think "trousers again-bah". I laugh as I realize I'm mourning the simpleness of dress in Lusaka- open toed heels, flowy fabrics & scarves on days with a breeze. hmmmm. It's currenly -6 degrees Celsius *Muhahaha*

Stinky feet- A confession- I'm having a problem with terribly stinky feet. I suspect it's a combination of having to wear closed shoes all the time and nylons. Any recommendations- no amount of baby powder has helped thus far? I long for pata-patas/ flip flops*pouty face*

Of all things to miss in Zambia...I'm missing NASDEC- Alvin & I trotted off for a Friday night day to catch the UofA basketball teams home-openers. En route Al mentioned how he hoped the fans would be more supportive of the home team than his experience at NAIT (where apparently there is not too much 'hurrah-ing' for the Ooks- could it be the name?) He said he wanted to head into a gym where we'd get that 'NASDEC' feel. I laughed. For those of you who visited us in Lusaka you undoubtedly were forced to visit the home of the Zambia basketball association. I spent many an hour playing, coaching & watching basketball there. The facility is basic (we're talking no air-con, ancient wooden bleachers, floorboards that have holes here & there, chalk scoreboards to back up the electric system which inevitably will not work during the rainy season- you get the picture)- but the experience. There's nothing really like it. Friends all around - sober or drinking- stand up & celebrate any basketball play that they enjoyed (in a women's or men's game- neck-in-neck or blow-out- it doesn't matter), or heckle the ref for a bad call, or if a hot club tune plays s/he'll get up dancing. As I sat huddled near to my hubby for warmth in the UofA stands we couldn't help but notice the glaring differences between our cultures. We also recognize how fortunate we are to be able to experience both worlds.

Visions of cockroaches: I've been giggling to myself the days when I come into the main condo entrance and see a brown crusty item that instinct tells me must be a cockroach. Then I realize where I am and that the cockroach is actually dried leaves, a clump of dirt or some other form of discarded brown-ish item. In every instance it's always a sigh of relief for me