Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Reclaiming my Mornings

It has taken me a while but I've finally remembered that I am a morning person. Somehow in the shift from my life in Lusaka to my new life back in the Motherland I forgot that I really am at my best at the crack of dawn. I've recommenced my morning runs (I'm committing myself to three per week). This may have been triggered by my 'home alone' time, by the increasingly sunny weather, or perhaps because my days are falling into some semblance of routine nearly a month into my new job. In any case, while out on the road at 06h00 I can't help but feel it's right where I should be. I love the yellows in the morning sun rays sifting through the trees, mosquito wings being too wet to interrupt my strides, and how aimlessly my mind wanders when my feet are moving. Convinced anyone yet that morning jogs are truly glorious? I doubt it*grin*.

Apart from my morning epiphany our unplanned weekend was filled up with lots of last minute visiting...it's starting to feel like summer! Proof positive:

The first cucumber of the season. Yes, it was perfect. I should've taken a photo of all the Saskatoons I picked, perhaps the next round, the bushes are still fully loaded.

My dear Priscilla asked me to take photos of Kel, Claire & Cruz when we got together...unfortunately Kelvin was stuck in Whitehorse so the four of us enjoyed a visit in English (rather than Kel's infamous stories in chiBemba)...

Sorry Lain- I brought my camera to the BBQ your folks hosted but unfortunately I left the camera in my purse in the front hall. I guess Arwen's beautiful babes won't make this post. Now I'm off to pick up my folks from the airport...I'm dying to see photos from Marty & Pat's wedding!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sarah Time

The house is empty- the folks are off to Marty's wedding on the East Coast (so excited for you Marty & Pat!!) & Alvin's been sent for a couple of nights to a job site a couple of hours North of the city. Perfect time for me to catch up with all the school work I've been putting off. Bwa ha ha.

I had such a great weekend between a day trip to Sylvan lake for Anna's stagette & harvesting the first batch of Saskatoon berries on Sunday with Dev...surely it's now or never to buckle down & get some schoolwork done, no?

Here's Anna (yes, the bride-to-be sporting the coconut-shell bra) & her sister-in-law with Sylvan's lighthouse in the background. We had such a beautiful day- it was my first jump into the middle of an Alberta lake in a good long time.

The few berries that escaped my greedy mouth were baked into a rhubarb crumble- there's nothing like fruit/veg/ herbs from one's own garden is there? Is your mouth watering Belle?

Oh the joys of procrastination- I have busied myself mowing the lawn, collecting herbs to make my scrumptious vegetarian supper, finishing another book in the Scottish time-traveler series (Devo- had to get me hooked on trash, eh) and well now, it's obvious where I'm at. I think I'll take a different approach tomorrow- perhaps starting off with a run so I can settle into studying after work.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What should I cut out?

When the snooze button failed and Alvin scrambled out of bed about 25 minutes later than usual I thought "Oh no, what to axe from my morning routine to get to work on time?"

Should I forget about my morning sun salutations?
No way- I'm a firm believer in exercise- why should it get cut first?
Should I forgo my cup of ginger tea?
Oh I couldn't do that- what is life when it's too busy to savour a cup of morning tea?
Of course, I'll just have a quick shower. Riiiight. I forgot I was supposed to have a quick one while rinsing the shampoo- ha!
And then the skirt I pulled from the hanger needed to be ironed. Drat.

In the end- I pulled up to work a couple minutes early & left the breakfast dishes in the sink- sorry Ma!

I am now enjoying home-brewed mint tea (I love my wee herb garden) after a busy evening of running hills, cookin' up a yummy supper, and trying to get back on track with school. I hope we don't sleep through the alarm tomorrow and have the cycle start all over again...

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Excuses excuses

I suppose the computer-tired eyes after starting a new job have discouraged me from posting anything too exciting up I here. I had entirely forgotten that I'd taken photos of:

a) the most beautiful mojito I have ever seen- thanks Dev!

And there was enough to go around...

b) the first boccie competition of the year for me (I shall blame my loss on the fact that Alvin & I are used to the french version- pètanque...thanks for leaving those with us in Lu Heather- we Looooove pètanque)

The winners (Megan & Devo)

Oooh, the anticipation

7 steps & how many fingers?

Oh...and Alvin may have laughed almost as hard as me & my folks. The sewing machine was dusted off & brought out to patch Alvin's work jeans. Note that Alvin is no where to be seen and neither is my Mom*muhahahah*. It was a success. Pop & I may open a business.

Monday, July 05, 2010


With the first week of work down I'm heading back into Monday feeling rejuvenated after a great weekend. I was laughing with Car, Jen & Code on Friday night out at Sandy Beach- we were still in the hot tub at the witching hour & I honestly couldn't recall the last time I had seen midnight. Hilarious. Funnier still was that I saw it two nights in a row (Guess I was feeling unpatriotic for missing Canada Day fire works & had to make up for it)*grin*! Alvin had his introduction to baseball on Saturday night- the boys hit a ball around while the girls rushed back to the house chased all the way by hordes of mosquitoes.

The rejuvenating part of the weekend probably comes from getting caught in the rain on my afternoon walk yesterday with Al. It was gorgeous...