Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sarah's Facebook status

Right...I may or may not have too much time on my hands but I thought a creative blog might include emotions I have noted throughout the week (as per those ridiculous facebook one-liners that let the whole world know when you're going to the loo). Plus not enough people are commenting...I need to shake things up a bit don't I?

Facebook Status #1- Sarah's struggling to move around re: blisters

Explanation- I had an awesome weekend in Ottawa c/o Commonwealth Game Canada's International Development through Sport programme. Dear Uncle Em picked me up from the airport & I was happy to see my aunt, cousins & their kids after a year hiatus. I always love passing through Ottawa & glimpsing into the hustle & bustle of my family's schedules out there. But back to the friend Simone took me on a 'walking tour' of Ottawa on Sunday. We took a couple wrong turns but finally ended up in little Italy (it was great- their team had tied their game that morning- World Cup of course). Terribly painful couple of days post-walking; but worth it nonetheless!

Facebook Status #2- I want to go shopping!

Explanation- Woot- I start a new job on Monday (& a real one...not painting fences)*giggling*...I think I deserve a new pair of heels or something to psyche myself up for day 1, no?

Facebook Status #3- Gooooooo Ghana!!

Explanation- Ghana may be the only African team moving to the next round (how I wish Cote d'Ivoire would make the cut too); how sweet it would be to knock out the USA...fingers crossed for Ghana!

Facebook Status #4- What is that smell?

Explanation- After wiping the dog sh#@ from my shoe, realizing that I forgot to put on deodrant before spending 5 hours in the sun painting a fence, hearing the next-door neighbour (who had not seen me) let a deafening fart escape... a gorgeous manly freshly-washed scent drifted to my then delighted nostrils. Still don't know where it came from but it certainly wasn't me.

FB #5- Sarah's enjoying time with her Gran

Explanation- Gran'll be in house for the whole week- the weekend will be busy as Uncle Wal's coming up for a visit. It feels like summer*smile*

Monday, June 14, 2010

A great time of year for the sports fan

I'm inspired to write after a beautiful weekend...

1. Sports:
Yeah Celtics! I've been biting my nails as the NBA playoffs have progressed, cheering for any team but Kobe Bryant and his Lakers. And finally, Lakers have fallen behind in a series. It's been a frustrating series (terrible ref-ing) but also exciting- I really hope Boston will win it in Game 6- I'm not sure my heart can stand a game 7.
World Cup- I'm loving every minute- vuvuzelas and all. I can't believe Ma turns on the TV every morning to check the latest scores and update her Macleans magazine. I don't have a favourite team yet but must admit that I'm hooked!

2. Harvesting herbs
I had my first cup of home brewed mint tea today- yippee! I had been looking forward to spending the summer watching all the lovely things we've planted grow- I plan to learn how to make jam with my folks in the Fall when all the berries are ripe for the picking. For now we're delighting in our little herb garden. Last night Ma made a killer salad dressing with our fresh basil & oregano. I'm having a blast thinking up all the different ways we can enjoy our fresh mint, dill etc. Oh the small joys.

3. Prairie farm party
We were able to celebrate lots of events at Marc's birthday party on Saturday night- belated birthday wishes to Alvin, early ones for George & Marc, as well as 1st anniversary wishes to Tom & Devo - woot! And all of this out at Marc's family's farm; big thanks to Alaina for inviting us city slickers out. I must admit that I did get carried away with the camera while savouring a sunset of the most glorious Alberta blue you've been warned- if you don't like a prairie sunset no need to view the slide show (yes- another experiment- I hope it works out better than the last photo album I uploaded).

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chinese birthday supper

Alvin had a hankering for sweet & sour chicken so I decided to throw a Chinese feast for my Zambian hubby's birthday.

I was glad my sister-in-law here was able to enjoy my pineapple upside down cake because I know my sisters-in-law in Lusaka would have missed it!

We've actually had a couple of beautiful days that lasted long enough to hit the lake. Here's Pop at his happiest & my birthday boy.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

What to write?

Again, I find myself wanting to post up here but there's just not too much exciting happening with me at the moment. I did, however, read an article that suggested job seekers this day in age need to be creative- one example was to advertise myself via blog. What?! Never crossed my mind. So for those of you who for some reason have not already been assaulted with my questions about anyone who knows anybody in human resource management- let me know if you know anyone!*ha ha ha*. I feel like I'll round a corner soon but it couldn't hurt to throw it up here that I'm looking for an entry-level HR position- right?

More seriously things are going well. Highlights?

- Alvin is gainfully employed- yay!
- I've been re-connecting with people slowly but surely; weather permitted a beautiful wiener roast with Anna & Dan yesterday. Ooooh, smores!

- I love YouTube. I could never access YouTube in Zambia due to slow connections but I'm having a blast finding music videos: everything from long forgotten reggae tunes, to French-African anthems, South African and Zambian or unusual tunes we caught on 'trace tropical'*grin*. Everyday is a dance party in my parents basement. Mwahaha
- I'll be attending a Commonwealth Games Canada workshop in a couple weeks in Ottawa. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with sports for development folk & maybe seeing some family out that way as well, fingers crossed.
- Lack of structure to my days has offered me abundant time to start exercising again. I'm slowly beginning to enjoy running, that is, unless I have walking dates with my mom or old friends! Any excuse to procrastinate, right? Which reminds me full well that I should take the empty house as opportunity to do some schoolwork. Sigh. Life is good.
- Oh, and I'm absolutely hooked on the NBA now (blasted hubby of mine). Now that Nash is out of the running- Go Celtics Go!!