Tuesday, September 30, 2008


What a beautiful philosophy:

Monday, September 29, 2008

48th birthday party

Apart from the studies (I write my first exam in exactly one week- yipe!) I managed to eke out a lovely weekend. Saturday we had an exciting morning at the courts. BSA U15 beat their opponents handily and the U18s went head-to-head with the top team in the league. We lost the game by 1 point but had such a good game that we all left the court with smiles…that’s quite unusual for a group of such competitive people.

Since I worked so hard in the sweltering temperatures Friday and Saturday afternoon, I felt like I earned Sunday off. Alvin & I sought out reprieve from the heat at a nearby pool- brilliant. I only left the water knowing that I was off to a colleague’s birthday celebration. One of my colleagues hosted a braai & we all enjoyed ourselves! Here are a few shots.

The lovely hosts, Alison & her daughter Nandi

The birthday girl!

The makeshift dance floor...I LOVE that Priscilla's got a bottle of wine in hand!

For now, it’s back to the books…
Oh, & I’m irritated- how come no one is commenting on my blog? I know my life’s not that exciting at the moment…but not one comment? I wore my new hat on Sunday & everyone thought I looked like Princess Di- THAT cracked me up*winning smile*.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mutale's Kitchen Party

I was invited to Mutale’s bridal shower (called a kitchen party in Zambia) on Saturday. I was excited to see some traditional Lozi dress; I’ve never been to a Lozi function before & didn’t realize how distinct their dresses are. The woman on the right (leading in a covered soon-to-be-bride) is wearing the traditional “misisi” (white top. There’s another bright green misisi behind and to the left). Mutale is also wearing one- apparently any fabric can be used, as long as the shape remains the same, & a shawl is tied round the waist.

I thought Mutale looked so beautiful in her bright salmon-coloured "misisi".

As with all things Zambian there was a whole bunch of food & drink & tradition. After Mutale is “unveiled”, the groom-to-be offers up a small token of his love (a bouquet in this instance). He’s the one in the centre with specs.

The day would have been lovely had the “matron” not been evil. This woman had been hired to run the event & for some reason she thought it was hilarious that I (a mzungu) am an “in-law”. So she heckled me in Bemba (which I do not understand) until 150 women turned around and giggled at me. It was pretty awful, so I left before the dancing could begin…I certainly didn’t want to stay & have to shake my bootie on the dance floor surrounded by Zambian women who are BORN shaking their booties. Here she is, with the purple scarf wrapped round her waist. Other than her though, I really enjoyed my time with Al’s family.

Here’s Bwembya, Bwalya and Valerie.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My funeral hat

Just a goofy post to start the week. This is my new beautiful hat that I want to wear to at every appropriate occasion but since it's been deemed the "funeral hat"...I'm not sure if I can wear it to a garden party*hahaha*

There's a cutesy-poopsy bow thingy on the back...don't know if you can really make it out.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Beauty & Wonder

I had to laugh while reading my dear friend Holly’s blog the other day- she wrote about feeling generally low & had asked the universe to cheer her up. I couldn’t help but think the universe had sent a reminder my way as well. I have been so stressed this past week because it looked like I may not have been able to sit my first year of exams…then it has all worked out & I’ll be writing in 2 weeks which is also stressful- but good. I had a couple upsets at work & was feeling a bit down. Then I read Miss Holly’s blog & remembered that everyone has their days. If the universe thought I was still feeling low, it continued to pick me up by sending emails from friends I hadn’t heard from in a while (also going through some rough patches), & then I got a flower power snail mail card- Weee!
I suppose I just wanted to write to say thanks- the next couple of weeks will continue to be stressful; but my stress has been put into perspective. Life- with all its ups & downs is filled with such beauty & wonder; I’ve regained balance & am once again a thankful pup for all support I receive from family & friends.

Hmm, just re-read what I wrote, sounds pretty sappy, maybe I’m just happy it’s Friday?!*muhahahah*

Monday, September 15, 2008


Apologies, I know the photo quality isn’t great- it appears that when my camera was in my hand bag the dial switched to something other than automatic…but I still wanted to put a couple shots up because it’s been ages since I have.

I submitted my research proposal on Friday & rewarded myself by taking the rest of the weekend off the books- weeeee!

Here I am (after a long morning in the sun) sporting our new Youth Basketball League t-shirts. We’ve started a fundraiser & the shirts are awfully snappy- I think most of our stock will be sold quickly so that we can experiment with other colours!

Saturday night a few of the girls got together. Here are the usual suspects: a pregnant Laurane, a pregnant Kupela, and rather inebriated Kolo & Sarah (we’re so bad)!

(Aside: I don't actually have a triple chin- it's just the camera angle)*giggling*
Yesterday I attended Alvin’s cousins’ matabeto. I brought along my friend (the notorious) Kolo who had never attended a matabeto before. Much fun!! Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of me stirring a huge pot of nshima while shaking my booty, but if Alvin’s cousins send them on I’ll be sure to post one up here- I’m pretty certain I look ridiculous*grin*.

The photos I've taken are after all the food has been prepared, & the "bride-to-be's" family brings it over to the "groom-to-be's" house. There's much pomp, money throwing, drumming and ceremony to go with everything- so here we are waiting to make enough money to bring the food inside.

Here's family- Jackie (cousin), Bwembya (sister), Kolo & Cousin Valerie in the back.

And a shot of the whole crew!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Profound thoughts of the week

As has been the case recently, I’ve been itching to update my blog but frankly- don’t have much to say. I thought I would include a couple of thoughts that have been occupying my time.

1. I have the most painful pimple of my life. But it’s in the best place- it is “invisible”. It’s in that spot where the nostril attaches to the cheek, so it’s completely hidden. But bizarrely enough it has been throbbing like crazy; I’m beginning to think it might not be a pimple…
2. Every evening just after the sun goes down there is a huge raucous of dogs barking, shrieking and yelping. It sounds like it’s coming from my backyard except I know it isn’t. I’ve got to figure out where this pack of dogs is coming from, & what the heck they’re doing making so much noise every night; it’s driving me nuts.
3. Massive research proposal due on Monday…hoping to submit this Friday. Exams only 3.5 weeks away…

I reckon I’m pretty fortunate for these to be my most pressing issues…The girls are meant to be going swimming this weekend- if that’s the case I promise to liven up this dreary blog with some “fun in the sun” shots.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

September already...

Hard to believe another long weekend has passed & we’re already into September. I have a few stories (largely uninteresting) and no photos to add. Shameful isn’t it?

· I did not manage to find my “funeral hat” this weekend, though still attended the unveiling of Chola’s tombstone. Since I missed her burial it was nice to know where she was laid to rest & to remember her while being surrounded by her friends & family.

· I enjoyed some gin & juice on Saturday with a few friends as per one of my goals! Holla.

· I also have successfully applied to convert my Canadian drivers’ licence into a Zambian drivers licence. They have given me a temporary permit to drive & I should receive the official one in a months’ time- watch out Lusaka! (And this may sound like an easy exercise, but believe me- it wasn’t. Thank goodness Canadian Labour Day is not a holiday in Zambia and I was able to spend the day standing in line-ups in several different buildings- I actually felt like a cow in one of those runs that lead it back to the barn. And if you ever want to meet a grumpy person, I now know where to bring you in Lusaka- a particular cashier woman would have rather barked at me than say good afternoon. Disaster- but a successful disaster nonetheless)!

· I did not find time to go shopping at my favourite second hand clothes market, but I did get some school work done, so I suppose that’s worth something (especially since my big research proposal is due in two weeks) YIPE!

· I realized I have missed August’s indulgence. If only I’d found that funeral hat. Or a pair of shoes today. Sigh. Guess I’ll make up for it in September by having TWO indulgences... or maybe that’s more likely to happen after my exams in October.

President Mwanawasa will be buried tomorrow (deemed a public holiday so I will have another day off work), and life should start returning to normal (Youth basketball league should re-commence this Saturday).
Signing off