Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A few days late

...x 2
1. Here are some photos of the 'worker guys'. My folks, Jason & Tom helped us so much in our move from the apartment to our new home- below are a few photos. I don't have any of mom but it's probably just as well- she was doing all the dirty work (cupboards, windows, bleaching bathrooms)*grin*.

2. I mentioned that we were thinking of Zambia on its independence day...well a trip to a South African grocery store had both me & Alvin beaming. We found favourite snacks and even borewors- a South African sausage. We grin every time we dip into the 'cookie jar'.

I am probably also the only Alberta girl excited about our first snow fall- I shoveled my new driveway for the first, second & third time- how exciting!

Now I must dash because the chimney sweeps are here:-)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Ba Zambia

October 24th- Happy birthday Zambia!

A wee personal story to celebrate Zambia's independence day from afar:

Many of you have heard how thankful I am to have lived in a whole different world- to have opened my eyes to different perspectives & ways of living. Alvin & I shared a laugh this morning without exchanging a word. The morning news was running a story of how obesity may start being considered a disease. Alvin has commented before on how odd he thinks it is to discuss obesity as an illness. In his culture you are fat when you eat too much. Being overweight in Zambia doesn't mean someone is unhappy, unbalanced, mentally ill, or struggling with some other demons- it just means you eat too much. As I heard the morning newscaster setting up the story a little smile tugged at the corners of my mouth. I looked up & saw Alvin's expression - yes my dear, we can laugh & it's okay - it's Zambia's Independence Day.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Momentous week

I'm an 'auntie' again! One of my oldest & dearest friends just had a beautiful baby girl & I'm overjoyed after meeting her for the first time today. Alaina (mom) looks unbelievable and I can hardly wait to meet the little Miss Olivia Rose again. I'm so happy for Alaina & Marc & can't wait to spend more time with their family.

The other event that has kept both me & Alvin occupied for months is the purchase of our very first home. We have been preoccupied meeting with Realtors, lawyers, bankers, and then packing, cleaning, and moving for weeks - but today it feels great! We are thrilled with the beautiful place...but I haven't taken any photos because there are still boxes all over. My fingers are raw from all the cleaning (new & old) but we had very useful recruits over the weekend & will continue to be grateful to the folks, Tommy, & Jason in the coming weeks. I thank those who have already passed by & welcome any of you who are curious to see the place anytime- just expect to see random bits of unpacked goods in various corners. We also appreciate the generosity many of you have shared with us throughout this process - it's time to celebrate now (or sleep)*giggling*.

For the couple of you who still send me snail mail just email me & I'll share my new address- yay!