Sunday, September 30, 2012

Disaster Strikes my Kitchen

I love ginger. I mean I really love ginger. I have a daily dose in my tea and can chomp fresh ginger root without thinking twice. So I find it odd that I'd never once made gingersnap cookies. And my Gran used to make a mean gingersnap. I copied the recipe my Mom had for Gran's chewy ginger cookies...and boy, did they not turn out like hers. I'll have to ask Ma what I misread...the taste is not bad (can't go wrong with ginger of course) but they certainly didn't turn out like Gran's perfectly rounded cookies with fork indentations*grin*.

After the disappointment with the cookies I decided that it was time for a run. I don't think I've had a stitch in years & my first 4km's were nothing but a moving stitch- a terribly painful stitch at that. I hit my stride shortly after the fourth & then hurt again after about the 6km mark. I did run into a gal I hadn't seen in years so that was nice...& now I'm back home feeling like a million bucks.

Of other note, I harvested what was left of my balcony plants yesterday & couldn't resist showing you all the gorgeous 'hot' peppers (I say 'hot' because they are not hot at all).

We also hit the bowling lanes last night & I thought this picture cute- it was right before little Sophie threw up on Alvin. And he still adores her of course*grin*

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Don't You Miss the Change of Seasons?

That's the question my mom used to always ask when I was living in Zambia. It's funny because I've been so thrilled with the clear change from Summer to Fall - the yellow & orange leaves against the backdrop of the stunning Alberta blue skies. I went out walking & tried to capture the tone of a perfect Fall day.

When admiring the fresh cool Fall air and that sound of crunching leaves underfoot I had to remind myself that I also adored this time of year in Lusaka. With temperatures steadily on the rise the jacaranda & flame trees would be in full bloom & started littering the roads in purples & oranges. I can't quite remember if the poinsettias & frangipanis were also blooming...but that's because I loved those trees all year round- either in bloom or completely leafless.
Ah...reminiscing...and continuing to appreciate life's simple pleasures, breathtaking beauty, and being grateful that I can appreciate living in this moment.
Happy Fall wherever you are:-)

Flame tree/ Flamboyant tree

And Oh that magical jacaranda:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Free Advertising

I don't usually promote products/ restaurants etc on my blog but I'm about to make an exception. It was my brother's birthday last weekend and the whole family got together for a dinner @ Louisiana Purchase. The food was delicious, the ambiance fun & welcoming & we - simply put- had a blast. I most certainly recommend to Edmonton-dwellers or visitors*smile*.

And just so you are all assured that this is still Sarah writing & not a hacker- I must mention here my latest excitement (& you know it's me because I am thrilled with the smallest of events). Many of you know I've been practicing some form of yoga for years. I was first introduced at 'campus rec' courses during my time @ UofA, carried on practicing in Lusaka (either in friend Heather's living room or later with Towani living the dream by being able to enjoy outdoor yoga classes). Recently I received an 'anniversary notice' from the studio I've been stretching & om-ing at for over a year now. The excitement you ask? Being introduced to a new pose- and loving it! With any new pose you can expect that I'm at the beginners phase- not advanced- & had my feet up against the wall for balance. Otherwise I tried to look a bit like this:

I believe the extreme version may end up with one bending one's legs closer to the floor*grin*.

Hahahahah. Happy Wednesday to my few readers...oh, and one last photo to keep your spirits buoyed- my beautiful 'niece' Madeline. How about that smile? I can't wait to meet her.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Same Old

I was telling the ladies at work that re-adjusting to taking the bus changed my schedule up a bit...for the first week I found myself running to catch the bus. I felt just like a little kid- lunch bag in hand tearing through the back route so commuters in cars wouldn't see me ripping up the sidewalk in my sandals. I am happy to report that I have now made the required adjustments to the morning routine & even have time to admire my surroundings these days- one day there was such a gorgeous dew/fog/mist...I had to stop to snap a couple photos.

We've had some beautiful sunsets from the balcony as well.

Tom & Devo received a 'thank you' gift that involved fresh salmon. Being that neither are too interested in fish we ended up with this amazing piece of meat. (We did end up wrapping the salmon in foil & seasoning & it was quite scrumptious)...I just liked this picture to show the size of the fish. Being that I'm still training myself to eat fish this was quite the accomplishment- getting in there with skin & bone...I would certainly do it again!