Monday, September 10, 2012

Same Old

I was telling the ladies at work that re-adjusting to taking the bus changed my schedule up a bit...for the first week I found myself running to catch the bus. I felt just like a little kid- lunch bag in hand tearing through the back route so commuters in cars wouldn't see me ripping up the sidewalk in my sandals. I am happy to report that I have now made the required adjustments to the morning routine & even have time to admire my surroundings these days- one day there was such a gorgeous dew/fog/mist...I had to stop to snap a couple photos.

We've had some beautiful sunsets from the balcony as well.

Tom & Devo received a 'thank you' gift that involved fresh salmon. Being that neither are too interested in fish we ended up with this amazing piece of meat. (We did end up wrapping the salmon in foil & seasoning & it was quite scrumptious)...I just liked this picture to show the size of the fish. Being that I'm still training myself to eat fish this was quite the accomplishment- getting in there with skin & bone...I would certainly do it again!

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