Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One of my favourite holidays…

It’s Canada Day again! Weeeee. There’s nothing too exciting happening here, but I am looking forward to a pizza lunch with my workmates, and a game of Canadian Cranium!

Hope you all have a good one (even if you’re not Canadian)*grin*

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back in Lu...

I kept telling myself I’d update my blog nicely- with photos & tales in chronological order…but then I surely wouldn’t post anything. So let me start posting some of the highlights (with the fear that I may miss something, or offend someone who made time for us- horrors- along the way).

What a trip. We ran from the time we left Lusaka & I enjoyed every moment! I owe sincere thanks to so many people who hosted us, visited us, & went out of their way to ensure that we would enjoy our trip back to my Motherland.

My folks were gracious enough to host a BBQ for me one Saturday. Friends came from near

& far

Gloria (above) & her hubby drove up from Vernon, & Marty (in photo below- far left) came up from Calgary).

- many bearing gifts (yeah Anna!)- to catch up. Crazy to think that so many people freed up their Saturday to say ‘hello’: good friends came, former colleagues, even parents of my friends made time to pass through. It was a miserable day (see me & Al in a wet SNOW flurry...though you can't really tell)

but that certainly didn’t stop anyone from having fun. I’m so thankful that so many people were able to make a bit of time for us; I also have to apologize for not making time to see many of you again!! (Honestly, that was the fastest 3 weeks of my life)- but home is always home & we’ll be back again before anyone will notice that we’re gone.

And now, coming back home to Lusaka (yes, this will be confusing because I feel like I really have two homes now)…I had a little bit of a rude awakening.
It is cold season here- while everyone back in Canada is revving up to full-summer gear, it’s chilly in the mornings & evenings and the days are SHORT! (Oh what a change from the long summer days in Edmonton).
I splashed on my lip-screen before heading out the door to work Wednesday morning & had apparently forgotten about all the dust. When the wind blew a cloud of dust adhered to my shiny lips- nasty when I absent-mindedly licked them:-)
Otherwise, first meal back home was nshima & chicken & it was lovely! And the power cut this morning (which didn’t really faze me because I’d had my warm bath already)- but did distinctly remind me that we’re not in Canada anymore*grin*

Monday, June 15, 2009


My brother got married- Weeeee!!

Congrats Tommy & Dev

Cutting the cake at the after party in my parents backyard- it was a perfect day