Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not enough hours in the day

I've been struggling to post for a number of reasons.

1. Lack of inspiring stories (sorry). I do have a couple epic camping trips coming up so inspiration should be round the corner
2. Desire to avoid computer at all costs while not working- when I get home from work I try to enjoy a few moments on my balcony...I would rather enjoy that beautiful Vitamin D while I can & leave off the blog
3. I can't think of any more reasons right now.
But what it leaves me with is some photos from my balcony taken a couple weeks ago...which I can compare with much more recent photos!
The first bloom on my fave portulacas

Portulaca now*grin*

Tomato in bloom

Tomato now...with some awkward-looking fruits

Finally, on a rainy day Alvin & I happened to discover a shoe organizer (not sure if I've ever mentioned we live in a small one-bedroom apartment...with little storage space). And apparently Alvin & I really love shoes- how sweet is this organizer! I'm so chuffed with this find.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tall Tales of a Fisherwoman

Ok, none of you are going to believe this but I spotted a coyote this morning on my run. I do not want to gain the reputation of telling tales like fishermen...I may have to start carrying my camera with me because it is rather unbelievable- oh the wilds of suburban Northern Alberta.

I did bring my camera to shoot a couple photos of the beautiful Alberta wild roses that are in bloom.

Al & I were out enjoying the balcony as well- I'm enjoying every moment of sunshine.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Fox sighting

I've started running (or cycling) in the mornings again- it has been so wonderful. Yesterday I saw a fox on the street- I couldn't believe it! Alvin chides that it must have been a dog -but he was home having his breakfast so what does he know? Plus I was wearing my brand spanking new contact lenses so I could see for miles*grin*. I forgot how much I loved having these small morning adventures.
We also bought a car- weeeeeeeee! I can't wait to have all the paperwork in order so we can cruise in our new (1998) Toyota Rav4.