Monday, April 30, 2012

Cell Phone

After two years of going without...I caved. I have happily invested in a cell phone & am very happy to be back in the texting world. The only thing I must do before arriving at work today is figure out how to turn the ringer off*grin*. Happy Monday.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Jogging, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, and Adoption

I realize my posts are few & far between; & perhaps that's why this post will include a number of little stories/ ramblings.

1. I hit the road the other day for a jog. The day was glorious- as I feel are most days when I'm able to get out & enjoy the sights, sounds, smells & fresh air. While trotting along, taking in the Spring changes to the river valley, I wondered if I actually enjoyed jogging or if it was merely the outdoors I enjoyed. I started thinking about how I don't often push myself (I remember nearly dying last year when Alvin & I ran hills together); and then I started smiling because I had already set the goal that my base run for this spring/summer is 7km. Last year when I didn't really feel like running I'd rip off a quick 4-5km route but this year the minimum is 7km. So I guess I do enjoy running & ensuring that I meet my targets. I look forward to exploring a new route today that should be about 8km- but really, for me right now just being out there & enjoying the road is enough for me.

2. Alvin & I passed through my brother's place the other day & found him ready to dive into his grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. I never make grilled cheese sandwiches but it looked so good I proceeded home to make my version of grilled cheese (I added banana peppers & salsa- delicious)! Thanks Tom, for the inspiration*smile*.

3. I'm not sure that I've told the wide world (& my few readers) that I'll be writing an exam for Part 1 on the journey towards my HR designation early May. I was horrified yesterday when I completed a practice exam & did terribly. (OK- I'm passing the practice test but I hardly did any better than when I wrote the test cold- with zero preparation- imagine)! I've psyched myself out a bit because it's multiple choice & generally I do not do too well with that time of examination. I guess I'll have to invest a little more time than I have been to properly prepare myself for the day. Boo.

4. All of Alberta is talking about our elections...I didn't feel great about voting this year because I felt that I didn't have a great candidate to select- I sort of felt like I was selecting a lesser evil- not someone who I really believed in- odd experience for me.

5. I've been knitting the most gorgeous baby blanket for my dear cousin Marty & his beautiful wife Pat who are expecting their first in May. I wanted to have it completed in the next couple of weeks so I could send it to them across the country. But late last night I realized there were a few missed stitches & I went ahead & pulled apart my work rather than figuring out how to fix the boo boos. But I went out today & bought a new wool which will be more appropriate for boy or hopefully the blanket will arrive in Nova Scotia before the baby is 1-year old*grin*

6. Finally (last one, I promise) my Pop planted cukes & tomatoes from seeds weeks ago in hopes of having them hardy enough for planting in the next few weeks. Unfortunately they haven't done very well so he asked that I adopt them & see if they can grow a bit more in my warmer apartment (for all of you who've been to my parents place with slippers, sweaters & scarves- feel free to laugh- I can't believe my dad can get his Canna lilies up in that freezer of a house they keep)*grin*. Here they are at the time of adoption...I'm not sure that I'll have any more luck but I do baby them- I've been coaxing them to flourish...fingers crossed their will be fruits from our labour.

Tomatoes & Cucumbers

The Cukes

Spindly Tomatoes

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2nd Annual Spring Trip

Mom & I have started an annual Springtime Alberta road trip. This year- since we planned for an April trip- we agreed to go South in search of warmer weather & hoodoos. We had one afternoon of warm-ish weather which we spent out-of-doors at the Calgary Zoo. It pretty much went downhill from there weather-wise; but we had a blast traipsing around the prairies and into the badlands. Photos below are of the Zoo, our trip to Rosebud Theatre for an afternoon play (fun!) and then a frosty visit to the Hoodoos just outside Drumheller.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Some Kind of Morning

I love that I behave like a little old lady. This was the view from my balcony this morning:
My immediate thought was "I'd be crazy to drive in this". So I opted to take the bus. Ignoring the morning news reporter complaining about the weather off I trotted sans toque & mittens. I was soaked...but couldn't help but notice just how beautiful a morning it was. (I would not have been this chipper if I drove to work- apparently there were cars in ditches everywhere). I fancy myself quite clever for taking the easy route...though I seem to have had some kind of skin reaction to the cold whipping snow- my forehead is still welted & red looking. How odd. I will not post my picture*grin*

No sense complaining- this is life in Northern Alberta...and chances are it will all be melted by tomorrow...since this is how it's looking now.