Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend in Reverse

To heck with's my weekend excitement from most to least recent*grin*

1. We hit the slopes this weekend (okay, today)- what fun! I don't remember the last time I went tobogganing...& it was certainly Al's first time. I'm so thrilled that Alvin enjoyed himself because now I'm planning on working off the Christmas turkey sledding any chance we get- weeeeeee.

2. I didn't take out my camera at my folks place on Sunday- but it was so great visiting with Canj (in town from VanCity), Car (before she hits Mexico), & Belle's parents.

3. Two parties in one night- Anna & Dan hosted a lovely wine & cheese & then off to Tom & Dev's for their get together. At least we've got a couple of "pre-party" photos. (We were actually taking photos in front of the mounded snow to send to Al's family back in Zambia- there's not that much snow but when they cleared the condo parking lot we thought we could exaggerate a bit)*grin*

4. My light-hearted weekend began Friday afternoon with these words:

Leadership and Human Resource Management Pass

Organizational Change Pass

Life Career Development Pass

Work and Well-being Pass

Which means (unofficially) I'm done school! I've cleared my exams & should be the proud recipient of an MSc in Human Resource Management as soon as the official results arrive. I couldn't be more thrilled & will certainly not boast of this achievement every chance I get- but I do have to mention it as when I saw the four "passes" my heart beat faster & I danced around my little apartment. Three years of work celebrated in so many ways this weekend- I think I'll pour myself a glass of Amarula*grin*. More seriously (Amarula in hand)- there are so many people to thank for their support- maybe once it’s truly sunk in I’ll be more philosophical- for now I’m celebrating!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Solo fun

Alvin has landed himself a part-time job so I find myself with lots of time on my hands in the evenings. So far I'm enjoying it (I'm not sure how long it will last)*grin*
Any of you who know me well can rest assured that I'm still keeping myself busy. I have taken a bit of time for reflection though. I was thinking about what I've been loving about being back for a white Christmas; there are two things I've tried to capture.
1. Every time I step out of doors I smile at the cool air on my cheeks. Knowing that I won't be able to describe the exact feeling I thought I'd take a video & see if the chill paints itself on as I imagine.

2. The sound of snow crunching underfoot- there's nothing like that sound. I love it- I'm like a child.

Let me know what you think*wide smile*

Sunday, December 05, 2010

My boots

I dug out some hiking boots the other day to walk in the cold-but-not-too-snowy streets. These are the boots that took me to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. (I have been madly searching for a photo of me at Uhuru peak & I can't find any) BOOO

The boots also accompanied me on the girls trip to end all road trips at Mount Robson. I say it ended all road trips because the 5 of us haven't been together since that epic trip in August 2004. I am also failing to locate one of these photos*sigh*

I smiled in my hiking boots on the way down to the library reminiscing about the journeys they have led me through, and the people who supported me on those hikes. I confess that I'm giddy thinking about where else these boots might take me; but I'll also confess how content I am to remove them, fold myself up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate (or a glass of red wine) & a good book. Funny how exotic Uhuru peak sounds compared to tromping through suburban Alberta streets...but that's part of the smile- who would ever guess where these boots have been?

Friday, December 03, 2010

What a December 1st

December First is always a big day for me as I pull out the Christmas decorations & get myself into the Christmas spirit. This December 1st was more exceptional than usual.

1. I got to set up two trees

Tom & Dev were called in alongside me & Al to help Ma put up her tree (I don't know anyone who won't work for pizza)*grin*

I also set up my new tree- Tom & Dev passed down their 'apartment' tree for a full-sized one & this is how she looks at the moment. Yippeee- a beautiful little tree with lights.

2. Work hosted a hockey game fundraiser & check out who opened the game with the National anthem! Anyone who grew up watching the Edmonton Oilers should recognize this man. (The first video I took was shaky because I was so it starts from here). Love it.

3. I am so excited about the muffins I've made (I know lame) BUT- they are made with the frozen cherries & Saskatoon berries that I helped harvest in the summer. It doesn't get much more delicious than this*smile*

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The first real freeze

Here are a couple photos of the first real cold weather we've dealt with.

This is the little pond behind our condo- it's so cute.

Here's Alvin on a cold day at school

The path en route to the bus stop- so pretty

I had a busy day baking/ cooking with Pop over the long weekend...cinnamon buns & perogies- fun fun.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Shorts, quick-dry t-shirt, shades, & flip flops

I laughed as I prepared myself to leave the house last week.

Shimmy into tights- the thick ones meant for winter wear. Trousers. Undershirt, sweater scarf. Boots, winter coat, mittens, 2nd scarf, toque &/or ear muffs. What did I forget today? I think I've got it covered. Deep breath & a pause before opening the door. The blast of cold air sends tears down my cheeks, nose hairs burning & as I quick step down the stairs- a brief coughing fit because my lungs don't know where the hot hot heat has gone. 2 minutes into my walk I cannot see though my glasses because they are completely fogged over. I hustle to the bus depot blind- tripping on hidden curbs & ice patches that have been covered over by a layer of snow dust.

I settle in for my short bus ride and remember what I've forgotten- Kleenex. Drat. My nose is pouring with the bus heat turned up to full blast. I think for a minute how I would prefer to dash out of the house in my shorts, ball cap & patapatas. Toes sweating & covered in dust rather than numb inside my boots. But today I've bought a pair of proper winter boots & have decided that since I'm here for the long haul & winter doesn't seem to be going anywhere- I might as well make the most of it. I plan to bundle up & get over this cold already. The forecast is also calling for temperatures above freezing by the end of the week- wooty!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I plum forgot

Hard to believe that a few years away can make one completely forget the joys of living in a deep freeze. I remembered- on Tuesday morning- just how awful it is to rip oneself from the warm bed when there's snow on the ground outside. Welcome to winter Sarah & Alvin. Oy oy.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

November stories

Hard to believe Guy Fawkes night has passed & we're on to Remembrance Day already...I've been meaning to post a couple of November stories that have had me and Alvin laughing.

Friday's dress- I was thinking of a former colleague who shared a love for "Friday's dresses" with me. For those of you unfamiliar with the term it is the dress that one slips on when all other clothes are dirty, un-ironed, or missing a matching piece (this can take place any day of the week...not just Friday's). It's the article of clothing that takes no forethought- there's no worrying about matching shoes or accessories because it's a standard slip-on outfit...and how I miss those summer dresses. Each day I wake up & think "trousers again-bah". I laugh as I realize I'm mourning the simpleness of dress in Lusaka- open toed heels, flowy fabrics & scarves on days with a breeze. hmmmm. It's currenly -6 degrees Celsius *Muhahaha*

Stinky feet- A confession- I'm having a problem with terribly stinky feet. I suspect it's a combination of having to wear closed shoes all the time and nylons. Any recommendations- no amount of baby powder has helped thus far? I long for pata-patas/ flip flops*pouty face*

Of all things to miss in Zambia...I'm missing NASDEC- Alvin & I trotted off for a Friday night day to catch the UofA basketball teams home-openers. En route Al mentioned how he hoped the fans would be more supportive of the home team than his experience at NAIT (where apparently there is not too much 'hurrah-ing' for the Ooks- could it be the name?) He said he wanted to head into a gym where we'd get that 'NASDEC' feel. I laughed. For those of you who visited us in Lusaka you undoubtedly were forced to visit the home of the Zambia basketball association. I spent many an hour playing, coaching & watching basketball there. The facility is basic (we're talking no air-con, ancient wooden bleachers, floorboards that have holes here & there, chalk scoreboards to back up the electric system which inevitably will not work during the rainy season- you get the picture)- but the experience. There's nothing really like it. Friends all around - sober or drinking- stand up & celebrate any basketball play that they enjoyed (in a women's or men's game- neck-in-neck or blow-out- it doesn't matter), or heckle the ref for a bad call, or if a hot club tune plays s/he'll get up dancing. As I sat huddled near to my hubby for warmth in the UofA stands we couldn't help but notice the glaring differences between our cultures. We also recognize how fortunate we are to be able to experience both worlds.

Visions of cockroaches: I've been giggling to myself the days when I come into the main condo entrance and see a brown crusty item that instinct tells me must be a cockroach. Then I realize where I am and that the cockroach is actually dried leaves, a clump of dirt or some other form of discarded brown-ish item. In every instance it's always a sigh of relief for me

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fairweather Jogger

I decided after a delicious brunch at the folks that it would be warm enough for a jog. Looked like we were sitting around 9 degrees on a beautiful Halloween day. Earlier in the week as I was wrapped up in jackets, scarves, a toque & sporting long johns I saw a slender young couple out running. First I was thinking "maybe we could do that"...and then there was a gust of wind & I realized that in all my layers I hadn't started sweating. Then I started thinking about how the cold air burns my nose & chest & tears stream down my face with a cold gust of win- running is definitely out. Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed my trot this afternoon. It felt glorious to stretch the legs, clear my head & think of my Mom as I noted the signature Alberta blue skies.

This is the first time in a very long time that I haven't had exercise plans plotted out weeks in advance, athletic goals set to achieve & a commitment to a team or exercise program; and I'm loving it! It felt wonderful to head out today but part of why it was so wonderful was because it was unplanned. I've decided to keep this up for a while. Alvin and I are still easing into our new routines & I have no desire to sign up for something that will start blocking my time. I can't help but think it's very unlike me but I'm savouring the change so I'll keep spontaneous exercise on my radar for now. There are a few things planned in the coming months: walking with friends, curling, yoga & trying out exercise DVDs from the library (the one I've currently got is hilarious). I am now looking forward to a soak in the tub with the latest Diana Gabaldon book*grin*.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Adjusted to Canadian Life

I laughed this morning after my 'good morning' conversation with Al.
"Babe- good news- it's zero degrees out there"
Oy yoy yoy it's going to be a LONG first winter back*giggling*

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A few stolen moments

Alvin's at the library studying away & I'm taking a few moments between the cleaning & the laundry. Today is Zambia's Independence Day so I'm jammin' to some Zed Beats care of YouTube & thought I should really try to get back into the habit of weekly posts.
Last weekend (that's how far behind I am) Alaina & Marc came over & I prepared a Zambian meal just for fun. I must shamefully admit that it was the first time Alvin & I have had nshima since we moved into our little apartment. Alaina & Marc were such good sports about eating with their hands, & I'm happy to report that Lain thought better of starting a food fight*grin*. I have to say (for those of you who've eaten nshima this will be shocking)- that Marc ate 3 lumps of's his first time ever eating it! Most of us start at 1 lump & work our way up to 2 after months of eating it daily*giggling*

The week before I'd busied myself with my dear old Gran who was tuckered out after making pies- I don't even remember the final count...over ten anyway. It was great to learn a few of her baking tricks this harvest season.

And today I decided to ride the bike down to my folks for storage throughout the winter:-( I felt so bad for the bike out on the balcony this morning...they are calling for the "s" word this week so I guess I better figure out the bus route. And a new plan for daily exercise- poop. Apart from hanging up the bike because of cold weather all is well*grin*

Ethel (my good-sister) posted a photo on Facebook of my niece- I made Alvin steal it so I could show her off- she's so cute! We miss her:-( We spoke to her grandmother today & she's probably not looking so cute at the minute because she's got chicken pox*ha ha ha* (I'm laughing because she's fine...)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

In betweener

I did mention that despite my lack of communication during my study craze- life did carry on. I wanted to post a few photos that we took on a beautiful walk out at Poundmaker/ River Lot 56. I dragged my parents out for a breath of fresh air & it sure was worth it- simply glorious.

We also received some very sad news from Zambia before I wrote my exams; we lost my good brother Kim. (I think good-brother sounds nicer than brother-in-law). Kim was sick for the last year, but it seemed like things were turning around for him & his family before we were leaving. We were so sad to hear that he passed away, and so sad that we couldn't grieve with the family. I have been reflecting on all my favourite "Kim" memories & am fortunate that both my folks & my brother & his wife met Kim so that we can remember him fondly. He was an important part of our lives- he was the MC at our wedding and a good friend to me before I ever really got to know the rest of Alvin's family. I have written about Kim on here before so I won't say too much; only that we'll miss him dearly and that I hope we'll still be a part of his wife & daughter's lives.
Here's Kim with his daughter Chisanga.

A not so flattering shot of these three brothers- Dale, Kim & Alvin- in March.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Resurfacing. Slowly

My exams are a memory (some better than others) and I will not worry about the results until they arrive. I had thought that I would be cartwheeling-back-flipping-happy to have it all over with but I guess I forgot how physically exhausting expending mental energy can be. When my head parts from my pillow I do feel fabulous though. My folks hosted the big Thanksgiving dinner on Friday night & Alvin & I are enjoying turkey sandwich leftovers- mmmm. Gran will be in town for the week so I'm looking forward to spending some time with her; we've got a date to make apple pies later today*grin*. Gloria (a dear old friend from Uni) & her hubby arrived from Vernon for a quick visit yesterday and it sure was lovely re-connecting with her.

For all my single friends- kindly note that my Pop has been appointed a commissioner of if you think you may have met that special someone- my Pop can marry you! He actually performed his first marriage earlier this month & thoroughly enjoyed the experience- let's see if we can drum up some more business for him, eh?!

I'm looking forward to posting up here more regularly that I'll have a lot more time on my hands to socialize, play, and re-acquaint myself will all things Canadian*grin*. Thanks again to all for your support these past weeks- & for welcoming me back into your social lives- Weeeee!

Monday, October 04, 2010

2 down 2 to go

Exams I mean. Wooty. Countdown's on.
Despite the fact that I've been very focused on exams for the past weeks life has carried on; I am looking forward to updating this blog when I resurface.
Thanks to all for the well-wishes & patience...looking forward to re-connecting with all soon soon.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Falling out with Fall

Alright, like my last post- I do think the colours are gorgeous in autumn but I could do with a few degrees warmer. I nearly died cycling into work when it was -3 degrees. But enough about the weather. Devyn invited us over last week for ice cream cake for Tom's birthday. Mmm, it was so delicious...I'm sure I haven't had ice cream cake in the past 6 years. Divine.

Look at that chocolate layer- mmmm.

Then I had the great idea to take Tom to a corn maze for his birthday. We all agreed that we would have enjoyed ourselves a little more if it wasn't quite so wet. I love the idea & look forward to going again...but I will reschedule if the rains coming down like it did on Sunday. Yes, I am wearing snow pants- tihi.

For now it's back to the books...

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Six Falls

I have admitted defeat. I shall forget about any more productivity this evening. I am now- quite happily- sitting in front of this laptop of mine, listening to Toots & the Maytals (oh happy music) with my cup of Earl Grey (spiked with fresh ginger) and Mr. Christie's Chip's Ahoy double chocolate chewy cookies (so bad they're good). The extractor fan rings on from the bathroom & my finger is still pulsating from the recent blood flow. Sigh. What an evening.
Is there such a thing as too much Mr. Clean?
I am giving the bathroom a once over. Scrubbing here & there until - oops- I have kicked over the bucket of Mr. Clean. I am now desperately trying to mop up the floor before it reaches the carpet of the bedroom. I double check my work, flick on the extractor fan & hope for the best. I tippee toe my way over to the kettle to brew some tea. I have to remove the burnt out candle from my beautiful new candle holder to complete the ambiance of my well-deserved 'break' (aka aborted cleaning mission). Suddenly blood is streaming from my middle finger & I can't exactly say why or how. Moral of my story: I do believe there can be too much Mr. clean.

Other thoughts/ tales from the week...

I set out for work with my bike on Wednesday- a miserable, cool and wet morning. I had planned to put some air in the tires en route. But who knew that a "free air" machine would be powered off overnight? And who knew that when the machine is switched off it sucks all the air out of the tire? My now very flat front tire would not be able to make it to work so I had to run the bike back to the apartment- thanking Mom & Pop the whole way home for insisting on leaving their car with us. I made it on time to work but was in in a bit of a tizzy*grin*.

It has been very cool & chilly but I have decided to be positive about that; I am thankful that I can warm up under a hot shower at any time. I do not have to switch on a hot water tank, hope that the electricity doesn't cut etc. So far, every time I have come home cold I have been able to enjoy a hot shower or bath. What a luxury! I will try to keep this in mind as we get deeper into the Fall.

Which leads me to my last point of the post. It's hard to believe that I have been away for 6 consecutive falls & winters. Despite the definite chill in the air I am taking in all the colours. Just out back of the condo we're living in is the sweetest pond. The city is trying to leave these "natural" parks for environmental & aesthetic reasons. I will confess that I'm on board- I love this area. It's stunning to head out each morning & see the changing colours, the dragonflies & just enjoy the break from traffic sounds/lights/ and speeds. (Aside: I swear I hit every red light on the way into work. I manage to hit a few greens on my way back- but isn't that bizarre- what are the odds?) I hope you enjoy the little photo display of my "backyard". I tried to avoid the shopping cart that was tossed into the know me- I tend to focus on the positive- the shiny willow leaves, the gorgeous bright red mountain ash berries, etc.

And with that I shall call it a night. I shall retire to my 'smut'...the 5th book in the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series...

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Only as old as you feel

It's a beautiful evening- I'm on-line looking out the big window to our little balcony. The trees are rustling in the wind and the sky is that indescribable Alberta blue. How wonderful to be still and collect my thoughts. Life has been such a whirlwind these past weeks; but with the boys gone fishing for the weekend the condo has been cleaned, ironing done, laundry in progress & I still had time for a date with my mom today. And a beautiful (but chilly) morning run. All these non-school things because I was so darn productive yesterday and throughout the course of the week- yay! I am in the homestretch though & will probably only post on here occasionally until after I'm through with exams.
Now. What I really wanted to say.
1. I have started "active commuting" and I love it. Each morning I climb on the bike & race the streets to the office. The first morning I hit the road it was 4 degrees (I'm not sure any of my Zambian friends still read this but I nearly died- 4 degrees)! It just so happens that the week I decide to start cycling into work is the same week that many kids have started school. I had such a laugh with the girls at work because I felt far from nearly 30 while cycling beside junior & high-schoolers. I also laughed in the face of the photo-radar buggy (I couldn't resist- it felt so wonderful to know that he couldn't ticket me). I was even so brazen as to run a yellow light on my bike (I regretted it shortly thereafter as my thighs burnt with exertion).
Oh the excitement.
2. Other than that I think most of the kinks have been worked out in the new place. We've got an awesome new shower head, beautiful curtains hung in the bedroom (still using blinds in the living room) & I think we've collected all the keys from the owner. I had the heart-stopping experience of having an uninvited guest in my flat as I came out of the shower- oops. I think the neighbour lady was more horrified than I was- but it was pretty awful calling out from the shower dripping wet & wondering who on earth was in my pad. Luckily that has been the only negative incident since move-in.
3. Yesterday was my study day. I had just put a zillion thoughts together & needed to clear my mind before proof-reading my work (I still haven't checked on-line for any feedback)*grin*. My shoulders also needed to come back down to their proper home rather than up closer to my earlobes where they had climbed while hammering it out on the computer. I popped into the bedroom to do a couple of sun salutations. I am in forward bend. I observe all the theorists bouncing around in my brain against their theories and what exactly the point might be. Exhale, try to bring my tummy closer to my thighs, head to knees, thighs tight so my knees are not locked. Works every time- especially the laugh while in forward bend noticing just how much I've got on my plate right now. Which leads me to another thought that I've been meaning to post for ages:
4. Ode to libraries. I'm so excited to be able to go the public library and borrow books. Honestly, it is the one thing I missed most while living in Lusaka. I am thankful for the library even when I'm going to study; it is such a luxury. But little did I know about how exciting it would be to be able to borrow yoga DVDs! Amazing.

Til next time...perhaps my rambling will be more coordinated then. Perhaps not.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A terrible friend

This post shall serve as a blanket apology. I have been so busy and wrapped up in my own schedule that I've been in touch with very few people. At work during break time or lunch I'll slip outside for a wee walk round the grounds and a breath of fresh air. During this time I think- I should send Bev a Happy Birthday email; Hol is leaving for Italy- I should have at least called her; I haven't seen Janet or Car in weeks; and my weekly walks with Jennifer & Krysta have fizzled out. Bah.
Good excuses? I'm at the homestretch with school. I'm desperately trying to keep my head above water as my last course is run in 5 weeks instead of the regular 11 weeks. Exams are around the corner so my anti-social behaviour will only be temporary.

The much more exciting piece of news is that Alvin & I are on our own again! We're renting a little one bedroom condo that's less than 1km from the bus depot (Al will be commuting to NAIT starting tomorrow) & should be about a 5km bike ride to work for me. I'm looking forward to active commuting...except for the cold weather! My folks have gone over & about the call of duty (& have probably spent more time in the condo then we have)- they've painted, scrubbed, donated & ensured a smooth transition. Guess they were ready to have their basement back*grin*
The new digs

Last weekend we attended Anna & Dan's beautiful wedding- I got to be social for an evening & had a wonderful time.

The new couple!

There were about 4 of us "Reckies" from Uni- it was lovely. Ry & the beautiful bride.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Harper Hangover

Well folk fest is a distant memory and it's very much back to reality. I have started my -hopefully- last course towards my Masters- these five weeks will zip by I'm sure. I only have a few random happenings that I felt like sharing...

1. It was the third memorial of my friend and colleague Chola over the weekend. I thought of her Friday, thought plenty about Zambia on Saturday...and met with Zambian friends (or friends from Zambia) on Sunday & we were able to chat a bit about our late friend. Since some of the ladies from Zed are reading this- here are some photos of Claire, Kel, & their beautiful son Cruz; we were thinking of you all and reminiscing about our special Chola.

2. I shall savour the prairie skies every chance I get (mostly Alvin teases me for never taking photos...I'll take so many sky shots I'll probably chase away all my faithful readers).

3. Pop & I working on the beautiful cherries that we picked earlier that evening with the help of Alvin & Trevor. Oh yea harvesting! And all those cherries came from the single Evans Cherry in Tom & Dev's backyard- amazing.

4. The video of Harper's "Heart of Gold" cover will not upload. Too bad for you all, the version was stellar.

5. At coffee break in the office one day conversation turned to eye surgery/ vision etc. I mentioned that I would love to have laser eye surgery for the simple joy of being able to roll over in the night & read the bedside clock. One of the ladies laughed at me and said "Just buy a bigger clock". Well it seemed far to obvious to ignore- we bought an alarm clock that I can read from well across the room. Ridiculous- but that's me, isn' it?

Monday, August 09, 2010

A Night to Remember

I suppose I'll be eternally indebted to my dear friend Ry for the favour he shared with me on Thursday night. Ry has been in faithful attendance at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival for decades...and last year he won the "Golden Tarp". And being the good friend that he is he allowed me to join him so that I could drool over Mr. Ben Harper approximately 10 feet away. (I don't mean to disregard Gord Downie who actually put on a good number despite the incoherent chat in between songs & the final exit of standing on stationary speaker while appearing to surf. I'm sure it was much cooler to him because he looked rather high). In sharp contrast Harper came out looking smashingly sober and was incredibly humble. Who knows what he's like in real-life, but what a pleasure to witness his show at such close range.

Feast your eyes ladies!

It was an amazing show & I was thrilled to be with such dear friends. And the finale: Harper paid tribute by closing out the night playing "Heart of Gold" from Canada's most famous/ renowned/ touted folk-rocker Neil Young. I took a little video but it doesn't capture the vibe on the hill...& it is also unable to upload at the moment. I shall sign off before the Internet crashes (again)*grin*

Monday, August 02, 2010

July Harvests

Oh the joys of long weekends- there seems to be time for everything. Our weekend was filled with delicious food from the garden, one of my fave Edmonton festivals- Heritage Days, swimming (both in the public swimming pool AND down at the Pembina river), & then the usual work bits...

Pembina! Who knew such a lovely sport existed? What a relaxing way to spend a sunny day

Our fearless leaders

I've always thought that there's nothing more delicious than eating fresh picked home grown fruits & veggies. Don't these photos just make your mouths water?

I have no idea why I'm trying to coach Pop with the berry picking- he had already picked three ice cream pails full. Ah well

Heritage days
Alvin decided to have a taste of 'almost' home eating some Zimbabwean cuisine. I thought his family would be horrified to see him eating his meal with a fork- one that is traditionally eaten with one's hands.

My dear friend Alison will be getting married later this week in Uganda...we were thinking of her!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Reclaiming my Mornings

It has taken me a while but I've finally remembered that I am a morning person. Somehow in the shift from my life in Lusaka to my new life back in the Motherland I forgot that I really am at my best at the crack of dawn. I've recommenced my morning runs (I'm committing myself to three per week). This may have been triggered by my 'home alone' time, by the increasingly sunny weather, or perhaps because my days are falling into some semblance of routine nearly a month into my new job. In any case, while out on the road at 06h00 I can't help but feel it's right where I should be. I love the yellows in the morning sun rays sifting through the trees, mosquito wings being too wet to interrupt my strides, and how aimlessly my mind wanders when my feet are moving. Convinced anyone yet that morning jogs are truly glorious? I doubt it*grin*.

Apart from my morning epiphany our unplanned weekend was filled up with lots of last minute's starting to feel like summer! Proof positive:

The first cucumber of the season. Yes, it was perfect. I should've taken a photo of all the Saskatoons I picked, perhaps the next round, the bushes are still fully loaded.

My dear Priscilla asked me to take photos of Kel, Claire & Cruz when we got together...unfortunately Kelvin was stuck in Whitehorse so the four of us enjoyed a visit in English (rather than Kel's infamous stories in chiBemba)...

Sorry Lain- I brought my camera to the BBQ your folks hosted but unfortunately I left the camera in my purse in the front hall. I guess Arwen's beautiful babes won't make this post. Now I'm off to pick up my folks from the airport...I'm dying to see photos from Marty & Pat's wedding!