Thursday, September 09, 2010

Six Falls

I have admitted defeat. I shall forget about any more productivity this evening. I am now- quite happily- sitting in front of this laptop of mine, listening to Toots & the Maytals (oh happy music) with my cup of Earl Grey (spiked with fresh ginger) and Mr. Christie's Chip's Ahoy double chocolate chewy cookies (so bad they're good). The extractor fan rings on from the bathroom & my finger is still pulsating from the recent blood flow. Sigh. What an evening.
Is there such a thing as too much Mr. Clean?
I am giving the bathroom a once over. Scrubbing here & there until - oops- I have kicked over the bucket of Mr. Clean. I am now desperately trying to mop up the floor before it reaches the carpet of the bedroom. I double check my work, flick on the extractor fan & hope for the best. I tippee toe my way over to the kettle to brew some tea. I have to remove the burnt out candle from my beautiful new candle holder to complete the ambiance of my well-deserved 'break' (aka aborted cleaning mission). Suddenly blood is streaming from my middle finger & I can't exactly say why or how. Moral of my story: I do believe there can be too much Mr. clean.

Other thoughts/ tales from the week...

I set out for work with my bike on Wednesday- a miserable, cool and wet morning. I had planned to put some air in the tires en route. But who knew that a "free air" machine would be powered off overnight? And who knew that when the machine is switched off it sucks all the air out of the tire? My now very flat front tire would not be able to make it to work so I had to run the bike back to the apartment- thanking Mom & Pop the whole way home for insisting on leaving their car with us. I made it on time to work but was in in a bit of a tizzy*grin*.

It has been very cool & chilly but I have decided to be positive about that; I am thankful that I can warm up under a hot shower at any time. I do not have to switch on a hot water tank, hope that the electricity doesn't cut etc. So far, every time I have come home cold I have been able to enjoy a hot shower or bath. What a luxury! I will try to keep this in mind as we get deeper into the Fall.

Which leads me to my last point of the post. It's hard to believe that I have been away for 6 consecutive falls & winters. Despite the definite chill in the air I am taking in all the colours. Just out back of the condo we're living in is the sweetest pond. The city is trying to leave these "natural" parks for environmental & aesthetic reasons. I will confess that I'm on board- I love this area. It's stunning to head out each morning & see the changing colours, the dragonflies & just enjoy the break from traffic sounds/lights/ and speeds. (Aside: I swear I hit every red light on the way into work. I manage to hit a few greens on my way back- but isn't that bizarre- what are the odds?) I hope you enjoy the little photo display of my "backyard". I tried to avoid the shopping cart that was tossed into the know me- I tend to focus on the positive- the shiny willow leaves, the gorgeous bright red mountain ash berries, etc.

And with that I shall call it a night. I shall retire to my 'smut'...the 5th book in the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series...

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