Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A rather disorganized end-of-year

I’m back in the office after a couple of days off; it has been a wonderful few days! Alvin & I enjoyed ourselves so much that we left the camera at our friends place on boxing day…so festive photos will have to wait until we retrieve the camera. I’ve decided I’ll post a few photos from our closing youth basketball league tournament that happened on December 19 & 20th. And of other note, I’m partaking in a Harry Potter marathon. When thinking about having a few days off, I thought what better way to enjoy some down time than reading the Harry Potter books one through seven. I’ve already made it through the first two books and movies*hahahah*. I think the only person who doesn’t think I’m a bit mad is the colleague who lent me all 7 books…& could only find 4 of the movies in her house. Awesome.

More basketball photos- surprise surprise*grin*

Here's the team that scooped the u18 title- Magic. My team had a brilliant game against them in the semi-final but lost by a basket- it was a tough loss. But I met with my team a few days later& I think the loss made us all sit back & reflect- I was so inspired by my team & how they're planning to learn from our mistakes in 2009. I predict that 2010 will be a great year for BSA basketball. But I couldn't resist putting up these celebratory faces...

BSA did win the under 12 division though...here's the notorious "Boo boo" collecting the prize.

My umbrella was used at the 'table' the whole weekend. Only took me five years to figure out how useful umbrellas can be under the intense Zambian sun*smile*

Here's an under 12 BSA player...I fell in love with Noah over the weekend because he cried and cried and cried his little eyes out when our under 18s lost. Finally a banana distracted him long enough to dry his eyes.

Mulemwa was coaching his under 15 squad- they also lost in the semi-finals. Also to Magic...

Close-up of my dear friend Mwape Konsolo. He runs the Youth League & is fiercely committed to youth basketball & sports development. He's one special guy- I wish you could all know him

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

BSA Basketball Year End Awards

On Friday we held our annual basketball awards- what a day! We (that's me, Alinafe & Mulemwa) wanted to make the day special since we've had quite a tumultuous season. The whole purpose is to recognize our athletes, thank our supporters, and consider our achievements over the past year. The coaching team was supported by our family members & friends to get some snacks & soft drinks for the players- & believe me- the kids were excited about that! Thanks to Cory & Sue for the BCHS gear, and to Ingy for the basketball top- the kids are always excited to receive a little something for their efforts.

The event started out with our under 12 team playing a game against our under 15 team. These kids are all good friends & a couple of the supporters who showed up were amazed at the skills the little ones have already attained.

The big excitement (& not only for me- but for all the players) was having several former BSA players come to the grounds to play a game against the current under 18 team. The younger boys were especially looking forward to playing against those players who play in Zambia's National basketball league, and of course against their coach (not me, Mulemwa)*smile*. And no one was disappointed- everyone participated and enjoyed visiting with old friends, teammates, and neighbours.

Here are the former BSA players warming up on their old court.

ChiChi had us all in stitches because he wasn't feeling so fit...he claims he'll start running again!

Mulemwa "Coach Tony"- enjoying a break from the game.

Mengo, a former captain.

Kawana, my other former captain!

Under 12 player Lawrence "Joli" ref-ing the big game. Priceless.

Here's Mubanga "Bangi", current under 18 player. He also received an award for being the player with the most team spirit- he's brought so much energy and excitement to the team; all of the coaches & players have appreciated his contributions to the season.

Here I am (yes, looking very short & wide) next to my former players. I do stay in touch with several of these kids, but enjoyed their excitement to come back and play together. I think it will be something we will continue to do as more players move on...

After the games we had a brief certificate & awards-giving ceremony.

Our attentive crowd.

The distribution of certificates for the players. Here is Teza who also received an award for being a most consistent player.

Moses could not wipe the grin of his face. Our 12-year-old best offensive player- a young boy incredibly committed to his team.

Evans "Kilo" Kalumba was proudly named BSA's 2009 Player of the Year. He had an outstanding year starting out with the under 12 team, but managing to compete in the next division during the league. All players and other coaches in the league were thrilled to hear that he has been recognized for all his hard work. Better watch out for this kid- he is a star!

After the hoopla all the kids enjoyed chatting, eating, & sippin' on their soft drinks. It feels incredible to sign off another basketball year on a high note!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Recommended reading- 2009

Many of you know I’m an avid reader, and being that access to a good library in Lusaka is not possible, I have been exposed to all sorts of books. (It’s fun picking through people’s libraries and lending & borrowing at work- we’ve had lots of coffee discussions about various books. Though I must confess I’ve never read so many murder mystery/ thrillers…at least there are a few good British ones anyway*grin*). I’m still trying to figure out how to frame this so let’s see how it goes.

Must reads (in my humble opinion):

The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society, Mary Ann Shafer & Annie Barrows; simply a joy to read

How Green was my Valley, Richard Llewellyn -Beautiful

The Book of Negroes, Lawrence Hill - what can one say about this much-talked about book? I love historical fiction*grin*

Buckingham Palace: District Six, Richard Rive. A laugh-out-loud satire on the implementation of apartheid law in South Africa, also shockingly sad

Other recommends:

Sing them Home, Stephanie Kallos- not too sure why I loved this book about death, but I did.

The White Tiger, Aravind Adiga- another shocking satire.

Emma, Jane Austen- always have to read a couple of classics per year, no?

A Long Way Gone, Ishmael Beah- boy soldier, heart wrenching but worth it!

The only reason I’m able to remember these books is because my colleague (who was fascinated to see me with a different novel every other week) suggested I keep track of just how many books I get through in a year. My current tally is 48, maybe I’ll reach 50 by the end of the year (I'm sinking my teeth into another PD James- hahah)! Oh, and I do not record all the school reading I do (which is another reason my recommends are all fiction…sorry to those who prefer non-fiction). Let me know what you think of these if you’ve read them or are inspired to pick one up that you haven’t yet read- I'd love to hear your opinions!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I am still a student pursuing my Masters degree - WOOT! I have received my unofficial grades and it looks like I passed both my courses (that includes the big ol’ research proposal I failed last year). I’m excited to register for my final 4 courses- holla!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Another 2009 Wedding

Al's young brother also decided to get hitched this year- so here we are at another family wedding. It was a beautiful day & the bride & groom were simply gorgeous- you can confirm that by viewing the photos below*wink*

Here's the wedding line-up just after Chisanga & Ethel exchanged vows. Best man Makuza (left) & Maid of Honour Charity (right).

The newly weds posing with their mothers

At the photo shoot baby Grace Mutale can't be left out, the couple's beautiful baby.

I loved this shot- gender equity right- why does the husband always have to carry the wife?!

Later on at the reception there were lots of folks to catch up with. Here's my niece Sasha Ndanji with her father Sam (left) & her uncles Perry (centre) and Dale (right).

Chish & Ethel opening the dance floor.

Here I am on the dance floor with my lovely hubby.

I was also very excited to show off my new dress. My good friend Towani has gone into fashion design & this is what I would call the "beauty of globalization" (though some of you may disagree). Towa fused the high Asian colour with beautiful African fabric...for a white girl to wear- hahaha! It's gorgeous though, I hope I'll be able to get her some more sales because she does have some great designs...