Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A rather disorganized end-of-year

I’m back in the office after a couple of days off; it has been a wonderful few days! Alvin & I enjoyed ourselves so much that we left the camera at our friends place on boxing day…so festive photos will have to wait until we retrieve the camera. I’ve decided I’ll post a few photos from our closing youth basketball league tournament that happened on December 19 & 20th. And of other note, I’m partaking in a Harry Potter marathon. When thinking about having a few days off, I thought what better way to enjoy some down time than reading the Harry Potter books one through seven. I’ve already made it through the first two books and movies*hahahah*. I think the only person who doesn’t think I’m a bit mad is the colleague who lent me all 7 books…& could only find 4 of the movies in her house. Awesome.

More basketball photos- surprise surprise*grin*

Here's the team that scooped the u18 title- Magic. My team had a brilliant game against them in the semi-final but lost by a basket- it was a tough loss. But I met with my team a few days later& I think the loss made us all sit back & reflect- I was so inspired by my team & how they're planning to learn from our mistakes in 2009. I predict that 2010 will be a great year for BSA basketball. But I couldn't resist putting up these celebratory faces...

BSA did win the under 12 division though...here's the notorious "Boo boo" collecting the prize.

My umbrella was used at the 'table' the whole weekend. Only took me five years to figure out how useful umbrellas can be under the intense Zambian sun*smile*

Here's an under 12 BSA player...I fell in love with Noah over the weekend because he cried and cried and cried his little eyes out when our under 18s lost. Finally a banana distracted him long enough to dry his eyes.

Mulemwa was coaching his under 15 squad- they also lost in the semi-finals. Also to Magic...

Close-up of my dear friend Mwape Konsolo. He runs the Youth League & is fiercely committed to youth basketball & sports development. He's one special guy- I wish you could all know him

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Walter said...

Is everything really that BLUE in Zambia?