Monday, December 07, 2009

Another 2009 Wedding

Al's young brother also decided to get hitched this year- so here we are at another family wedding. It was a beautiful day & the bride & groom were simply gorgeous- you can confirm that by viewing the photos below*wink*

Here's the wedding line-up just after Chisanga & Ethel exchanged vows. Best man Makuza (left) & Maid of Honour Charity (right).

The newly weds posing with their mothers

At the photo shoot baby Grace Mutale can't be left out, the couple's beautiful baby.

I loved this shot- gender equity right- why does the husband always have to carry the wife?!

Later on at the reception there were lots of folks to catch up with. Here's my niece Sasha Ndanji with her father Sam (left) & her uncles Perry (centre) and Dale (right).

Chish & Ethel opening the dance floor.

Here I am on the dance floor with my lovely hubby.

I was also very excited to show off my new dress. My good friend Towani has gone into fashion design & this is what I would call the "beauty of globalization" (though some of you may disagree). Towa fused the high Asian colour with beautiful African fabric...for a white girl to wear- hahaha! It's gorgeous though, I hope I'll be able to get her some more sales because she does have some great designs...

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