Monday, August 16, 2010

Harper Hangover

Well folk fest is a distant memory and it's very much back to reality. I have started my -hopefully- last course towards my Masters- these five weeks will zip by I'm sure. I only have a few random happenings that I felt like sharing...

1. It was the third memorial of my friend and colleague Chola over the weekend. I thought of her Friday, thought plenty about Zambia on Saturday...and met with Zambian friends (or friends from Zambia) on Sunday & we were able to chat a bit about our late friend. Since some of the ladies from Zed are reading this- here are some photos of Claire, Kel, & their beautiful son Cruz; we were thinking of you all and reminiscing about our special Chola.

2. I shall savour the prairie skies every chance I get (mostly Alvin teases me for never taking photos...I'll take so many sky shots I'll probably chase away all my faithful readers).

3. Pop & I working on the beautiful cherries that we picked earlier that evening with the help of Alvin & Trevor. Oh yea harvesting! And all those cherries came from the single Evans Cherry in Tom & Dev's backyard- amazing.

4. The video of Harper's "Heart of Gold" cover will not upload. Too bad for you all, the version was stellar.

5. At coffee break in the office one day conversation turned to eye surgery/ vision etc. I mentioned that I would love to have laser eye surgery for the simple joy of being able to roll over in the night & read the bedside clock. One of the ladies laughed at me and said "Just buy a bigger clock". Well it seemed far to obvious to ignore- we bought an alarm clock that I can read from well across the room. Ridiculous- but that's me, isn' it?

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