Sunday, October 17, 2010

In betweener

I did mention that despite my lack of communication during my study craze- life did carry on. I wanted to post a few photos that we took on a beautiful walk out at Poundmaker/ River Lot 56. I dragged my parents out for a breath of fresh air & it sure was worth it- simply glorious.

We also received some very sad news from Zambia before I wrote my exams; we lost my good brother Kim. (I think good-brother sounds nicer than brother-in-law). Kim was sick for the last year, but it seemed like things were turning around for him & his family before we were leaving. We were so sad to hear that he passed away, and so sad that we couldn't grieve with the family. I have been reflecting on all my favourite "Kim" memories & am fortunate that both my folks & my brother & his wife met Kim so that we can remember him fondly. He was an important part of our lives- he was the MC at our wedding and a good friend to me before I ever really got to know the rest of Alvin's family. I have written about Kim on here before so I won't say too much; only that we'll miss him dearly and that I hope we'll still be a part of his wife & daughter's lives.
Here's Kim with his daughter Chisanga.

A not so flattering shot of these three brothers- Dale, Kim & Alvin- in March.

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