Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Solo fun

Alvin has landed himself a part-time job so I find myself with lots of time on my hands in the evenings. So far I'm enjoying it (I'm not sure how long it will last)*grin*
Any of you who know me well can rest assured that I'm still keeping myself busy. I have taken a bit of time for reflection though. I was thinking about what I've been loving about being back for a white Christmas; there are two things I've tried to capture.
1. Every time I step out of doors I smile at the cool air on my cheeks. Knowing that I won't be able to describe the exact feeling I thought I'd take a video & see if the chill paints itself on as I imagine.

2. The sound of snow crunching underfoot- there's nothing like that sound. I love it- I'm like a child.

Let me know what you think*wide smile*

1 comment:

Holly Higgins said...

I LOVED the videos, especially the crunching snow!! A Canadian Winter experience, certainly... and your earmuffs are adorable :)