Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A few days late

...x 2
1. Here are some photos of the 'worker guys'. My folks, Jason & Tom helped us so much in our move from the apartment to our new home- below are a few photos. I don't have any of mom but it's probably just as well- she was doing all the dirty work (cupboards, windows, bleaching bathrooms)*grin*.

2. I mentioned that we were thinking of Zambia on its independence day...well a trip to a South African grocery store had both me & Alvin beaming. We found favourite snacks and even borewors- a South African sausage. We grin every time we dip into the 'cookie jar'.

I am probably also the only Alberta girl excited about our first snow fall- I shoveled my new driveway for the first, second & third time- how exciting!

Now I must dash because the chimney sweeps are here:-)

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