Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good friends & Beautiful Weather

Someone, somewhere, once told me that you should consider yourself lucky if you have a couple of good friends throughout the course of your life. In this respect, I have been truly blessed; I have an amazing group of solid friends to surround myself with from many different corners of the world. Recently I went down to Calgary for work & was able to connect with good friends from my University days. And I couldn't help but think- how amazing to drop an email to people I haven't seen in years- and not miss a beat. (I am not exaggerating- Hol & I deduced that we had not met since 2004. Marty thought we'd seen each other as recently as 2009- which might be right)*smile*. This is what I find most amazing- of course we've grown and changed and gotten more grey hair- but the natural flow to the conversation (fueled by one single glass of wine) reminded me how dear these friends are.

I also wanted to post a couple of shots from my balcony this evening- the days are getting longer & we're getting some beautiful sunsets. We've had a glorious couple of days with knee deep snow (well, not so glorious for Alvin because he has to shovel it)*giggling*. But it is quite a sight- fresh white snow, Alberta blue skies and a brilliant sun all day today. It's important for me to take a couple of moments to be thankful.

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