Monday, August 10, 2009

BSA Teambuilding #2

Friday afternoon was designated to the Under 18 team...we got the boys together & did a series of team building activities (silly teamwork games that are supposed to build trust, communication skills etc etc- mostly we laughed our lungs out).

After the games we had a wee snacky and the guys got into some ball. It was a fun afternoon- especially since some of the boys are back from their boarding schools- trainings should be busy for the next month or so with the additional guys.

Yes...we mix this awful sugary drink in a bucket...& then share it- there's something awfully unhygienic about that, isn't there? Well, hey- can't always have it all, right?

A little bit of "books" (ok, I don't know how the spelling would actually be- but 'books'/ 'bookay' has become the slang term for scrimmage. I'm sure it actually has a root from some legitimate Nyanja term...I just wouldn't venture to guess which one!)

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