Monday, August 10, 2009

Soul Food. Et cetera

I don't know if it's nostalgia or just time for homecookin', but I've gone through a week of making food that qualifies to me as "soul food". I made my dad's famous chicken noodle soup last week that wasn't quite as good as his, but scrumptious nonetheless. Then I had a craving for perogies- served with fried onions & bacon. Oh yeah, real low-cal; but divine! I did up a batch Sunday morning & we enjoyed every mouthful in the evening.

As for the et cetera...there are a couple of other food stories. My Pop got the giggles last night when I told him Kolo came over & prepared chicken gizzards & roast potatoes for lunch yesterday. It's certainly not my kind of soul food, but I enjoyed the meal all the same. Then (this is for you Tommy) a Norwegian friend who lived in Zambia for about a year & a half is in town for a short visit. Of course, she came bearing gifts...& a few yummy ones to boot! I was taken back to when my Gran used to live in Horizon Village in Edmonton; my brother & I used to eat "Bugles" at her place. My fave were the original flavour in a red box- I don't even know if you can find those snacks anymore? But I swear, the only place I've ever eaten them is at Gran' here comes Ingeborg with a Norwegian invention- chocolate covered bugles. Divine!! Al seems a bit undecided but I quite like the salty/sweet combination. Holla!!

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