Thursday, February 24, 2011

From Saskatoon to Uhuru Peak

I was going to post about our Family Day weekend trip to Saskatoon to visit my dear old not-so-well Gran. The highlight of the drive was spotting moose on the side of the highway (Alvin's first glimpse of Canada's beautiful- ok absurd-looking - creatures). I've never bothered to ask Dev to send me the photos (they actually had white legs which made them look even stranger).

I was going to develop another post to explain how hilarious my most recent date with Carly was. We decided we enjoyed watching old British crime shows...last week it was Miss Marple. We made it through two episodes & the mystery remained unsolved so we may switch back to the faster paced Inspector Lynley or Inspector Lewis series'. (Yes, we know this is incredibly nerdy).

Since I'm feeling like such an old lady (even my Gran was teasing me), check out my progress on the scarf I'm knitting. Do keep in mind this is my first attempt at knitting- so far, I enjoy it.

And since I know some people are embarrassed for my street cred (Lain) I will close this post with a far less nerdy escapade...My beautiful friend Naomi sent me a CD with photos from when we hiked Kilimanjaro together (in 2004) because I somehow misplaced all my Kili photos. So though these 3 stories do not flow well into a coherent posting...these are the latest ramblings of a snowed in Sarah.

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