Saturday, May 19, 2012

Making Allowances

After my recent bold announcement of running a minimum of 7km every time I hit the road I already have to admit that I've broken the rules. Last Sunday we were hosting Sunday lunch for Mother's Day & for Dev's birthday. I mentioned to Alvin that I may not have enough time to sneak in my usual run and made the mistake of suggesting that we go to 'seven hills'. I was innocently thinking that ripping off a few hills would be faster than my usual route. In the end it took me about the same length of time & I struggled to walk for 2-days post hills. So really in this instance I feel like making the allowance was actually a good challenge. I will also sheepishly admit that some part of me must have enjoyed being out there with Alvin because we've agreed to hit the hill again this weekend. Wish me luck!

(Aside- Mother's Day/ Dev's birthday / Sunday lunch was lovely. I tend to forget how much I enjoy having people over to enjoy a meal and visit...perhaps we'll do it more often now that neither Alvin nor myself are studying).

Apart from keeping myself busy physically I have felt like there are just not enough hours in the day. One of my lovely colleagues has lent me her 'e-reader' (a Kobo) so I can complete reading the Hunger Games trilogy. I'm enjoying the Kobo but think I would only invest in one if I traveled more often. I do love the library and the smell of cracking open a new book...but it is kind of fun to have to 'turn on' a book before you can start reading*giggling*. Listen to me joining the 21st Century.

Of course I am also madly knitting (while watching the NBA playoffs) trying to finish the baby blanket for  Marty & Pat. I will take a photo & post up here before I send it to Nova Scotia because so far- I'm quite proud of how it's turning out.

At work the other day I had to chuckle to myself. With this constant changing of passwords for various account access and to simply log on to computer or voicemail sometimes I get a little frazzled. Apparently my mood affects my choice of password as I punch in "drat" or "dang it" or most recently "bugger". Really...all I wanted to do was see who was calling me & I end up punching in passwords for five minutes. Too funny coming from me- Miss Positive.

I also came across this photo in one of the journals we circulate at work. I was beaming when I saw it because I think two of my most favourite things right now are basketball and Human Resources*grin*. (Jeni- I hope to get a comment out of you on this one)!

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