Monday, July 16, 2012


I couldn't have had a more perfect Saturday. If you live in the Edmonton area & have never been floating down the Pembina river I highly recommend you give it a try. My dear girlfriends decided we would try out the shuttle which allows for a 2-hour float- what fun! We learnt a thing or two about the process (slow) but would certainly know how to make the most of our time on the next excursion.

Apart from loving every moment of summer I have continued to experiment with my knitting. I will admit that it's not going very well. I've tried 3 new patterns & none have turned out quite as I had hoped. I thought the one knitting book I have includes patterns for giants so have since tried a pattern in another book...something must have gone wrong with the little baby booties. I've committed to one more pattern to make a baby cardigan but if it doesn't work out I think I'll go back to the baby blanket & scarves. (I make it sound bad- but really, I've learned some new stitches & techniques and have actually loved pulling out some yarn that I inherited from my Gran. There's something nice about working yarn that she selected and had plans for...too bad I haven't been able to knit the perfect pattern. Yet!)
For your viewing pleasure...a couple failures:-)

This cardigan was getting so big & awkward I couldn't figure out what to do next- so it's been pulled apart.
 The following pattern is supposed to be a baby's first hat...Tom figured he couldn't got his melon in there (he was exaggerating...a little girl could wear it, but it is certainly way too big for a baby)*sigh*
 I did all the pieces for this 'slipper'...& aborted mission when I realized how big it was compared to the picture*sigh*
However, there have been some successes to note:
a) Alvin has landed a position in IT- we are thrilled, and
b) I passed the dreaded HR exam I wrote in May- I am now considered to be a "CHRP candidate" and am one step closer to being a designated HR professional*yay*!

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