Thursday, October 15, 2009

I’m ba-ack- anybody miss me?

It has been wonderful having a few days off work (despite the fact that most of the time I had to study). I feel so good- & I hope I can remember this feeling even when the results come back*hahah*. I’m happy to report that post-examination I jumped into a nearby pool; only learning later that is was 41 degrees Celsius while swimming. Incredible. My hubby & I spent the evening in the air conditioned luxury of the movie theatre*hahaha*. Though with every good holiday there has to be a bit of drama...

I tucked myself in on Tuesday night after a day full of walking, writing the exam, swimming etc- ready for a fitful rest. Unfortunately my deep sleep was interrupted with panicked knocking and shouting on my door. I pushed Alvin into action to find our security guard shouting warnings about thieves coming into the yard with guns, looking to steal a vehicle. Panic set in. We were on the phone to the security company and the police within minutes. Shortly thereafter Alvin went to the window to see if he could see any movement in the yard. Meanwhile the guard comes back hammering and shouting and fearing for his life. There happened to be two guards working that night so the non-shouting (non-hysterical guard) is gesturing to Alvin that actually the man is mad- there are no thieves in the yard.


We lay back in bed to hear the man start wailing- crying for his mother, shouting to the gods not to let him die here in this strange yard- at least let him die in his compound. He is literally inches away from me- through the wall & window- on my patio. This is even after Alvin’s stern warning for the man to quiet down because we all had to work in a couple of hours. After about thirty minutes the woman who lives in the flats above us sticks her head out her window and shames the guard into quiet…very briefly. We waited for the security company or the police to show up & take this crazy man from our yard. We waited until 03h30 and still no sign of help- but finally the mad guard fought off his demons and sat quietly.

Complete disaster.

Alvin & I were giggling most of yesterday at how ridiculous the whole situation was (I was thanking my lucky starts that I’d completed writing my final- I would’ve been a wreck going into that one without my sleep). And now I’m back in the office, sipping strawberry tea, thrilled to not be a student again until next year!

Hope everyone (ok Canadians) enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend. I did muster the energy to whip up a batch of perogies yesterday afternoon…maybe I’ll roast a chicken next weekend*wink*.

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