Tuesday, February 16, 2010

4-day weekend

Sorry, I seem to be neglecting my blog…I think it’s because I’ve failed to carry my camera with me on my recent adventures. What can I report that may be of general interest to some of my faithful readers??

I’m off a 4-day weekend during which time I:

o RAN - oh it was so wonderful to be back on the road- on a cool morning or a sweltering one, pounding the pavement felt great. I thought of Pat though…I wasn’t measuring kilometres or minutes- just out there playing the route by ear, perfect!
o Visited- Al’s dear brother Kim had been MIA for many months…he happens to be in Lusaka & we had a wonderful time catching up with him & his family, & his other brother. I’m only sad I didn’t bring my camera- I know anyone who’s met Kim would love to be reminded of his million-dollar smile
o Read- Ok…I’m up to date on one of my two Uni courses…so it could be worse*grin*. I’ve also started Collier’s highly recommended The Bottom Billion
o Celebrated Valentine’s in the most unromantic way possible…well, apparently me & my hubby decided to share the day with our single friends- & it was lovely. Kolo came over & cooked up a storm for lunch, then after I’d finished training my boys (at another court…no good news there) we came back home to crack a couple beers with my co-coach & our good friend Alinafe. I cannot remember the last time I had a beer but I enjoyed my ice cold Mosi immensely
o Cleaned- there’s no more putting it off; desks are being emptied, papers being shredded, clothes being given away. Amazing how five years worth of stuff accumulates where one would least expect to find it. Wish us luck packing our lives into two measly bags each!

And now it’s back to work & back to reality…gym date tonight- I’m off for zumba while Al will push weights- yay!


Caroline said...

I just started reading The Bottom Billion too! I saw Paul Collier speak last week in Seattle. Such an amazing, brilliant man!

Enjoy your time in Zambia before coming back to Alberta!

Holly Higgins said...

I loved the weekend run down! Take care of yourself...xo