Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Self Professed Writers

It's the oddest thing: of late, I have met several people who tell me that they are writers. They write all the time. They develop special bonds with people because they have writing in common. And I never know how to react. They make writing sound so romantic & lofty. How does one respond to that? These are some thoughts that run through my head during that awkward silence after one informs me of his/ her writing prowess:

a) Are you published? (That sounds so pretentious)
b) What do you write? (Really, I'm curious- poetry? Stories? Research papers?)
c) How do you do it? (At the computer or old school with pen & paper? Maybe you have a coil bound notebook that you carry everywhere with you?)
d) Where do you find your inspiration?

I am a self-professed reader. I'll read anything (once anyway). One of my secret dream jobs is to proof-read for people- or for a big publishing company- because I hate picking up a book (or reading an article on-line) that has spelling or grammatical errors (but please excuse the errors you find throughout this blog- I know they're there)! But mostly I'd like to proof-read because my desire to read is insatiable. I have been dually inspired to post something about writing up here because, funny enough, I've just picked up a book about writing (Aunt Julia & the Scriptwriter, a required read from way back in high school by Mario Vargas Llosa). Maybe I don't call myself a writer because as I re-read this message I realize I've got no 'close'- all of these coincidences about writing have led me nowhere. Except inspired to post a blog about writing nothing. And to enjoy a quiet evening filling the lines on a page of loose leaf with news to an old friend that will have to get mailed the old fashioned way.

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Holly Higgins said...

I actually laughed out loud because I can just picture you standing somewhere, talking to someone who haughtily proclaims to be a writer (all while you ask those questions in your head!)

Can't wait for the looseleaf! xo