Saturday, October 01, 2011

Harvest 2011

Thursday morning I found an email from a group that had received funding from the offices I worked in (in another life) about three years ago. Attached was a report indicating the successes and failures they had seen over the three years as well as recommendations for moving forward. I was so excited to read the email, to reminisce about the small towns I had visited in Zambia's Eastern province to see how the funding dollars were being managed. I got a little caught up & realized that if I didn't get a move on I'd miss my bus. I still felt it a beautiful way to start my morning- despite setting off for work with the usual primping & fussing (OK, I didn't have time to straighten or blow dry my hair so up it went into a ponytail- minor, right?)

Reflecting on a life I loved very much in Zambia has not let me forget just how much I am enjoying this harvest season. On Monday Mom, Pop & I had our first foray into pie-making (from the folks' homegrown apples) without our matriarch. Of course we missed my dear old Gran, but it was wonderful to be remembering her advice from last year. Here we are hard at work. We're all looking forward to comparing the pastry...we certainly don't have hopes that it will be just like Gran's- but maybe close?!*fingers crossed*

Looks pretty good to me

Last weekend Tom, Dev, Jason & I spent the day out at Alaina & Marc's farm; I've been meaning to call her all week to tell her how much fun I had. I'm sure the photos will highlight my excitement about being out there chopping wood*grin*.

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