Friday, March 05, 2010

The weekend again- yebo!

I was constructing a blog post in my head maybe on Wednesday; I was thinking about the 4-day weekend I’d just come away from. And now it’s Friday & I’m gearing up for another weekend & there’s so much going on. What shall I report:

- I only managed one run on my 4 days off due to lots of bad weather & timing of other meetings etc. However, I started thinking about all the other things I got to do & didn’t feel so bad after that: yoga, zumba, an evening walk with my hubby, and that run.
- And apart from exercise I managed to host a girls “tea party”. Mostly I got the girls together for a couple of drinks, a few snacks, and had them clear out my bookshelf & several household “give-aways”. I felt really good once they’d left…until I realized there’s still a lot of stuff that must go.
- My two basketball co-coaches & I managed to make progress with the school that took down the basketball hoops. I left a meeting with the Headmistress feeling elated- we finally have direction! So when I meet the boys this Sunday it’ll be great to share what we’ve learnt & get the teams together to start working on what will one day become our new court. Hopefully I’ll have more news on that next week.

It’s been a miserable & rainy week here but it’s ok- it’s easier for me to motivate myself to stay on top of school AND do the packing up!
Happy Friday

PS. Why no comments on my Chipata blog? I love some of those photos…it’s just me getting sentimental??

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Holly Higgins said...

The Chipata trip was great looking! I can't believe you're coming to an end of Zambia. Crazy!

Still following your adventures, lovely girl! Enjoy what this weekend will bring you. xo