Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gangsta rap meets red-neck Albertan hillbilly

I realize that I haven't posted my day-to-day stories like I used to in Lusaka. I'm hoping that this post will inspire me to take the time to reflect & write a little more regularly. A few thoughts that have been on my mind while walking these suburban streets:

1. I was grinning from ear-to-ear the other morning listening to all the birds chattering to each other on my morning walk to catch the bus. Now that the sun is up when I head out I can't help but smile at the busy chirping & fluttering- I think I even heard a woodpecker this morning.

2. Seriously, what's wrong with pet-owners in this city? I have two beefs. The first being that nearly everyday I walk down a trail I meet a dog owner with a dog off-leash. Nine times out of ten the loose dog runs right up to me. Sometimes sniffing, sometimes barking or growling, but always followed up by some awkward owner stating how friendly their snarling dog happens to be. I sigh, thank my lucky stars that the dog is friendly & bite my tongue, tighten my hands into fists so I don't point rudely to the sign that says "Trails are on-leash areas". Secondly, it seems that dog owners have become a bit lazy when it comes to picking up after their dog poops- maybe we need to get some more by-law officers out patrolling during this cold spring. One also can't help but notice how nasty all the yellow stains are on the gorgeous white snow...but cleaning up after pet pee is not a battle I'm likely to win*grin*

3. One day out walking it was all I could do to not burst out laughing. A young man was walking towards me- perhaps 16 or 17 years know that age. It was a cold day & he was sporting his skinny jeans with huge sneakers, a ball-cap with the straight brim (very gangsta), a bandanna tied stylishly around his neck, and a partially zipped red plaid lumberjack coat. The overall impression: a confused white suburban boy in the middle of winter trying to look a little Cali...while clearly having strong Albertan roots*smile*

4. I am officially a graduate! My convocation took place on March 8th; and since I whined one evening that I would miss attending the event in the UK my dear friend Ry offered to host me a party. I shall take photos this weekend- weeeeeeeeeeeee.

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