Monday, March 21, 2011

Neither Here nor There

I'm typically an absent-minded person, but tonight- it's something else all together. I meant to fold the dry laundry & throw in another load that didn't get done over the weekend, but instead I got sidetracked by the dirty dishes in the sink. While I filled the sink with soapy hot water something led me into the bedroom. I would like to eat my supper but what to prepare? I'd love to finish knitting the scarf I've started, read a chapter in the book that I am thoroughly enjoying, perhaps I could sit down & watch a bit of the Raptors game...I am getting nowhere. And now I've found the dirty dishes soaking in cold water*sigh*.

I could chalk it up to my piecemeal day. I was downtown for a half day of training and back to the regular office for the afternoon. But I know that's not really it.

Things for me have been going so well; I've been excited about:

- the first day of Spring
- Pop's birthday today
- the graduation party friends hosted for me last weekend
- the promise of a nice tax return
- the promotion I was offered & accepted (today I started a full-time permanent position in my new-ish field of human resources)*weeee*

But to make sure that I don't float away to the clouds with happiness there have been a couple happenstances that have kept my feet planted firmly on the ground.

My dear old Gran took a fall & things are not looking good (she's been so up & down in the past few months- it's been awful to watch her suffer...then see her spirit come back with a vengeance & she's home cooking up a storm; but only to receive a phone call a couple days later that she's back in hospital). I'm heartened that my mom is together with her 2 siblings, her hubby & her nephew in Saskatoon to try to figure out what happens next.

We also received heart-breaking news from Zambia. We were informed on Sunday that our dear Uncle Watson has passed away. There is so much to say but nothing feels quite right yet.

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