Thursday, January 05, 2012

Bat Out of...

I felt like such a hypocrite last night. I've always told myself that I'm not a big city girl. During our trip to New York in the Fall I recognized that the pace of life in such big happenin' cities is just too busy for me. I kept telling myself that I would never want to get pulled into such a hectic way of life- always on the go.

I recall recently driving somewhere with my mom; she very gently suggested that I could go a few kilometres over the speed limit (I used to have a heavy foot- but I lost that somewhere along the way). I now putt along in the slow lane like an old lady.

Then there was me last night, getting wound up and hitting the gas pedal very heavily, on my way to yoga. How hilarious is that? Rushing to relax. Sigh. I always have the best intentions to leave on time...instead I end up rushing like a bat out of heck.

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